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Wonderful title, and the glimpse into history is very well done. I wonder how many other presidents have ended their terms wondering what they had thought was so attractive about it in the first place.
Simply masterful writing - reads as easy as if it was a "spill off the tip of a pen." The voice seems very "Lincolnesque". Excellent title, captivating writing. I was unsure of how it worked for the topic until the last line. Then I thought, How perfect!" I'd quote favorite lines, but every one I read became my new favorite. Extraordinarily excellent!
Excellent historical fiction! I like how you gradually reveal who the speaker is throughout the first section. You've included many wonderful details, adding to the authenticity of the piece. The words spoken from "the too short bed" are expecially poignant.
I like all the comments about Mary Lincoln and how things turned out so horribly for her - when she anticipated fame and glory. Nice how you worked the main theme into a "subplot". Liked the voice. Good timing of topic with Lincoln's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.

"Box seats for the theater" - ouch.
This is brilliant and so very VERY creative. I was drawn in from the beginning, and you never let me go. Just excellent. Wow.
From the title to the riverbanks of Kentucky--fantastic. This was not only enjoyable and well written, it was inspiring. It stirred my mind in many ways.
A perfect title to an awesome entry. And the POV and voice are perfect too ... you nailed this one!

I love the rhythm of this--the alternating long paragraphs with short sentences, the speech rhythm true to the time period, the contrasts of the expectations and the reality, and the decrescendo at the end. Masterful.
Not to say the entire piece wasn't well written, but this entry has some masterful lines in it. You know the kind that make you say, "wow". You should offer your services to somebody as a speach writer, as well as publishing yourself. Very impressive writing. Very grown up and intelligent piece but can communicate to most anybody. Have I said I really liked this....:)
God bless.
I like this A LOT! The characters were real and brought us inside their world with all the responsibilities, disappointments and dreams of life in the White House.
I agree with everyone else. This was just brilliant.
I enjoyed this reading and slowly discovering who we were talking about. I am not a history buff, but this made it interesting and rememberable.
Riviting, gripping, profound. Wow! I sense this has to be somehow inspired and I am grateful that you shared it and I had in turn a chance to read it.
WOW! This is really intense, there is so much going on, but the descriptions, the feel of the whole piece. Again, WOW, this is really good, the ending thought was especially heart-breaking to see it from that POV. Very wonderful writing! ^_^
Excellent, historical take on the topic.
This is outstanding writing. You truly have a gift for pulling your reader in.
I enjoyed everything about this piece, very creative. One of my favorites this week. Superb!
You go girlie! Congratulations! Enjoy the clouds today - just come down to Earth sometime! ;)
Congratulations on your EC. This is a powerful piece. Great job.

The words in your article are glittering - like pure gold.
What beautiful writing!
Fantastic. Brilliant. So, so true. Why men covet the oval office and all the hidden traps of power... this was beautiful. Congrats on your win!
Leigh, congratulations on your well deserved EC!! This is simply fantastic!
Wow! This is wonderful. So appropriate at this election time of year. I loved this peek into Lincoln's mind. Congrats on your EC. Well done.
Wow! I felt as if I was actually listening to his great icon. Congrats and I hope to read more like this in the future.
Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Leigh, Congrats on EC and an outstanding entry!!!!!! Well deserved.
Wonderful! Fit the topic so well, but I also see it as a tribute and reflection as his birth date soon comes up. However the inspiration came, thank you for crafting a great piece.
***Congratulations!*** Way to write, Leigh! ^_^
Wow! Beautiful writing. I love this historical story. Congrats on your EC!
Excellent work - you present the story with such depth and perception. Well done on your placing too.