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This is very good. I like the way the MC kept "getting ahead" of herself. And the ending was just right.
What truth is revealed when the honeymoon is over! Great story.
I love stories like this- the bible comes alive and speaks words not heard before. I'm chuckling about Delilah. Great story.
Oh, dear. Poor mother has yet to know that it will get worse. Great job bringing this Bible story to life in a way we can connect with a woman who's name we don't even know! We're really not so different today, are we?
Interesting and entertaining. A very creative point of view. Way to keep our minds churning throughout trying to figure out the Bible reference. Very good reader involvement. A very solid entry. God bless.
I also like stories from scripture that make me think. Nice job with Samson's mother's POV. She had her hands full and she doesn't know what's coming next.
Engaging read on Samson's background. Great ending - parent's hope he's finally found someone better than the foreign woman, but alas...
Telling the story, first person, is very effective and brings the story to life. Love the humor and the last line was perfect!
Oh, great idea for this theme! And you wove the story skillfully and delightfully! The stinger on the end was perfect! Great job making this familiar Bible story come to life!
You are so good at bringing Bible characters (and situations/struggles) to life! I totally enjoyed how you wrote this one. Sometimes there is no answer for a parent (as to why the kids end up like they do) and we just have to let God be soverign. Wonderful writing!
The mother's POV works well for this story. You do a wonderful job of stringing the reader along, and then -the perfect ending. Nice job!
Really love this Samson back-story. The mother's voice sounds very natural; it was like I was listening to her tell her story. The ending is a winner. :) Great writing!
Brilliant to rely on our knowledge of the backstory to make a point. How it saves on word count. We know that Delilah is not what she appears--great way to spark a devilish image!
Great voice, creative POV, and delicious irony at the end!
A creative spin that brought this story to life! WONDERFUL, SIMPLY WONDERFUL!
I love bible stories-especially ones like this that really let you see inside the mind of the characters. And the ending was perfect!
I had forgotten about the first Philistine woman, until I looked up Samsan's story for my poem. So sad he didn't learn the lesson the first time.
Superb Joanne! Wonderful take on a well-know biblical story. Kudos on this one!
This is a new look on this story. I can't say that I've ever really thought about Samson's mother. You bring her to light here and make her more real. I liked that. Great writing! ^_^
How sad! For me, your story makes me more aware that these Bible characters were real people with moms who loved them and they didn't have hindsight available to them either. They were just like us-waiting to see how it would all turn out, hoping for the best, and because we know the end, it makes for some sad reading.
There simply is not any one better than you in breathing life into Biblical stories and characters. This should be a vocation for you, because your work is certainly gifted by God to help deliver his ageless teachings.
Enjoyed the modern version of Samson.

Red ink....believe it should be house full not houseful.

Knowing the story, we know Delilah was definitely all glitter and not gold!!
Can't say anything new. Loved the bible story told in short but concise style, loved the mothers tribulations. More More!
You really had me intrigued, right from the start, but even though you gave enough hints, I didn't clue in who your son was until about half-way through. Very good! You certainly know how to capture an audience. Very imaginative; although we all know how heart-breaking it must have been for the real mother of your story. Yes, how heart-breaking it must be for mothers whose children disappoint them. But in this case God won out. He used this son in his dying minutes to win the battle over the enemy.Loved the story. ...Helen