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Oh my goodness! ROTFLOL. This is an absolute riot. So creative and funny. This line just about did me in for some reason: Upkeep is a bummer, she mumbled. Alas, YES!!!!
I love this spunky fairy tale. Very smart and witty. Especially delightful was the lengths at which the witch went to maintain her ill-gotten life.

(Did you mean "chic" instead of "sheik"? Or was she going for that Bedouin look?)
I LOVE a good fairy tale, and I ADORE the modern voice of this one. What a wonderfully creative piece!
Cute fairy tale. My favorite aspect was the play on the word 'alas' - especially the 'alasly'.
Love the fairy tale--I'm a big fan.

I caught a few minor boo-boos: it should be and riffraff.

This was highly amusing, warts and all!
Heehee! This is so funny-and so true! I really, really liked this. I am so proud of the King and his family for sticking together and making things work. This is a wonderful modern fairy-tale. I especially like how that mean old witch got what she deserved! This was excellent and one of my favorites this week! ^_^
Funny and so clever. As fairy tales go, this one has a little hint of a tongue-in-cheek flavor that makes it fun to read and savor!
Whoops, I see that I lost a word. haute couture
A fun and delightful read! One of my favorites this week!
Shame on me. I didn't take the time on the first read to say how much I enjoyed it. ...But that just meant that I had the pleasure of reading it again!
We need a good mix of lighter and heavier around here, and I love the fairy tales.
No offense intended to Max, but I could not have endured 200 stories of that intensity. :-)
This is a delight! It is very creative, the humor is perfect and great message tucked in.
Great title for a great story. Oved the witch and loved how the family worked it out to make their new life work. More fairy tales, please.
You've created the perfect fairy tale--right on topic. I love it.
Very creative. The fairy tale angle was way cool. God Bless.
I really enjoyed this. I could almost see it scripted and played out as a TV special. This one beggs to be illustrated! I loved it.