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Fascinating glimpse into history—and a piece of history that define the theme. Well done.
Great story - I was interested in what would happen and you kept me reading until the end. Thanks for putting the historical footnote at the end. I like this example for the topic this week.
It's so hard to believe that things like this happened. You have set the scene, given the message, and engaged the reader masterfully.
I just finished reading this to my 12- and 10-year-old who are both studying the life of Martin Luther in history. It was good for them to see the backdrop of where Luther's beliefs on indulgences began (95 Theses) and to hear a dramatization of the heart of it. My son asked me to print it off so he could take it to his class. Very interesting, perfectly on topic and written flawlessly.
Thank you for this history lesson. You made the past come alive, and my heart break.
Thank you for reminding me of how blessed we are to experience God's assurance of salvation. Wonderfully written.
Excellent! I love your historical fiction, it's so rich with a sense of time and place.
I love historical stuff. Research is one of my passions. I truely enjoyed your story. The writing didn't seem as smooth as others I have read of yours, but it might have just been I read it w/out glasses (lol). But it was very intelligent and smartly written and held my interest. God bless.
Very nice portrayal of this time in history. I found it interesting. Well done.
Excellent slice of church history. Your account is engaging and well written.
Wow, this was good. I appreciate a man willing to stand up for truth no matter the cost!!
Such a powerful story, putting me directly in the scene.
An excellent, historical take on the topic.
You've opened a window into the past that many, I'm sure, would rather stay closed. It is sad and odd how well meaning people even today can be fooled by such deception. It is sadder, still how there are people around to take advantage of thier innocent beliefs.
This is something I had not heard of and found it very interesting and sad. Historical entries are one of my favorite here at FW's and this one did not disappoint.
Wow - I was truly captivated! You grabbed a hold of my attention with each word. Wonderful work.