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Awesome entry. Very succinct without being preachy. Isn't it amazing how the golden idols fall to dust before the one and true God?
Well done, you wrapped the truth up in a very engaging package.
I just love the voice - I was engaged throughout, and the lesson was well taught without being preachy. Very well done.
Such great truths in here -- awesome job with the topic. And your dialogue writing is very good.
Great story. I like how you illustrated some important truths. This is very relevant.
Super! I'd love to see this as a discussion-starter for teen or college-age groups. I think we'd be amazed at how many people share this brand of religion. So sad!
You captured the spirit of the misled college student perfectly--the culture of the Big Lie to accept all ways to heaven. Jesus is The Way... Masterful writing!
The emotions are so vivid I cared for each character. Was glad MC found the truth. Excellent on topic.
Yes, all too common these days, that new religion of tolerance.
My favorite line was:
"The oasis I thought I’d found turned out to be a mirage."
Sooo much truth in this. All of this New Age stuff scares me. It has led so many astray. I loved this:
"God and I were politely acquainted. I stopped in to say hello on Easter and Christmas; perhaps checked in a couple more times during the year." This is very true as well.
Well done.
i>Her spirituality attracted me like an oasis beckoning a thirsty traveller.

It's sentences like this one that captured me throughout this piece. YOu grabbed me with good descriptions and voice throughout. Love the happy ending, except for Misty.
Hmmm, there is certainly some food for thought in this piece. Misty came alive for me in this piece, she was real and so were her faults, I liked how Neil presented his beliefs without shoving it on her too and I'm definitely glad that her 'roomie' was able to see the lightbulb of truth. Nice work! ^_^
This is such an important message in this "get along at all costs" world today.
Some would call it philosophy, but as you more aptly put it, it is truth - pure and simple. As CS Lewis stated, when it comes to Christ being the way, the only way, He left no "wiggle room."
In a very special way, you presented timeless truth as it stands against the gods of "tolerance" and "feel good." Your descriptions were excellent.
Wonderful analogy. Loved the line about craving truth, it speaks volumes.
It seems it's intolerable to try to be tolerant of the Christians who believe the Bible is truth and you've captured that cultural POV well. History has shown that the best way to ostracize a whole group of people for one reason or another is to "demonize" their behavior so society has the excuse to remove or punish that group. Though we seem to be moving in that direction with Christianity, I pray God opens eyes to this behavior.
I liked how you used the title throughout the story. I loved this line "Her spirituality attracted me like an oasis beckoning a thirsty traveller."
Keep it up.
Congratulations on your EC, Karen. I really like this piece.
Congratulations, Karen!! Very good story!!
Excellent writing and deserving to be a winner. Congratulations!
Congrats on your EC!!!!!! Excellent job. God bless.
I've heard Misty's very words from the mouth of a teen. A very much needed message. Great writing too. :) Congrats!