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Great message for us as Christians.
Ouch! Good hit!
Great title - and much wisdom in this piece. I can definitely relate.
I loved the ending! So perfect! ;) It makes you wonder why all the 'super' preachers/authors/speakers are so busy telling us 'how, what, where and when' instead of showing us 'Who.'

Great points to ponder ... and a great lesson to heed to. (poor kids!) ;)
That was beautiful. We need to develop our own relationship with God. This sentence summed up your article perfectly - “Stop feeding on others. They spent a lot of time with me to have the depth they now have. That’s where you need to get your depth - from me.”
Convicting. Lots of good thoughts in here: "we Christians like to only admit weakness after conquering it"
Beautiful all the way through, but what I loved most was the deliberate pacing of the last three lines. What a wonderful touch!
Great message masterfully delivered. I love a writer not afraid to write longer paragraphs because you have the confidence you won't lose the reader. Excellent content and pacing. God bless.
Very convicting, well written piece. I like the format of the last three lines. Gives your ending extra punch.
nice title! I read this once and then again and each time it felt different. Thank you for sharing this piece that I can relate to-the last three lines are really neat too! ^_^
A beautiful testimony of a seeking heart. All I could think of as I read was, "Seek and ye shall find."
What a wonderful, starteling revelation. I wish more people would get a hold of the precept you have given in this submission. We so often look to others for the value that lies within our own selves. What was it Dorothy said to Glenda the good witch of OZ. "I'll never go looking for my hearts desire again, because if I can't find it in my own backyard, I never really lost it in the first place." Great article!
This must be the best devotional I have read in the challenge. It was a powerful lesson that seemed first hand. Thanks.