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Wow, what a freaky twist at the end. Well done. I love "Crystal"'s name...the "me me me, blah blah blah" part. Very creative.
So original! I, too, loved the blah, blah, blah and also all the "glittery" words. You made the man characeter completely symphathetic until the end and thus : Surprise!

Well Done!
Whoa, this one caught me by surprise. Crystal was obvious, but Samuel sure wasn't. Very good.
That really was a shock! This is creative, well writtten and captivating. Loved it!
What a twist! I definitely didn't see that coming. Very creative take on the topic, and very well-written.
Yeah, I wasn't expecting that last bit, lol. Great story and very entertaining. I think I know Crystal.
I love the originality in this piece. It's clever and well written, although I hate that the dog had to get kicked. Very well done.
Oh yeah, was not expecting the Samuel twist at all. Nicely done. Love that you used the name "Dr. Auric" - clever.
This is sci-fi at its best. And I loved the surprise ending.
Love the title. ;) And love everything about this entry.

Fantastic ending.
Wow! Love this little piece of Sci Fi! I can't even think of anything to say -- why, I think you've left me speechless! Wow!
Extremely creative, well written, masterfully delivered and the twist of all twists at the end, BUT what I loved most was the Dr.s name, Auric, and this is why I like your writing, nothing is wasted, not even a name of a supporting cast member. I know what auric means, but it is also Goldfingers, as you well know, first name in the Bond movie of the same name. I would have gave you an A plus just for that. God bless.
When it comes to the unique and unexpected, you reign, my friend!! What refreshing twists and turns in this one as well as in so many you write! It's always a treat to be swept along in your masterful stories, then to be rewarded again with your 'zingers' at the end!
Ooh, this starts out great and progressively gets better. A creatively written, perfectly on-topic, delight. Don't know why I didn't guess the ending (it must be your talented writing) but I was surprised. Awesome.
Absolutely brilliant! It's everything a story should be. It has foundation, follow through, surprise, intrigue, with a moral to boot.
A fabulous read! Creative from start to finish. The ending was sheer perfection!
There's that twist we all love :) What I love about your writing is it always leaves me thinking long after I've read.
Oh wow, GREAT story Jan! And I absolutely love the ending! You had me cracking up with your MC...she was something else!
A sci-fi story lifted right from the pages of our newspapers and magazines filled to overflowing about the gods of this world -- the celebs! Fascinating storyline with a 'twist kick' ending!
Ouch! Poor dog.
A clever double example of the topic.
Oh, I was completely caught up in the story and didn't see the end coming. Very entertaining and on topic.

The only one that wouldn't love this is the dog.
Whoa! Skin deep indeed, I almost wish that I didn't know who those titles would fit so pefectly (myself, at times included) the 'aha' moment came at the end. Double twist! I liked it. Nice job! ^_^
Sci-fi? Not really-if we look at the people we are and the believers we sit next to in church every Sunday, we'll find all these masks and we don't even have to wear a device! What a clever way of bringing out the topic and making me think about my skin deep Christianity. Jan, you're a master writer!
So reminescent of Oscar Wilde's "The Portrait of Dorian Gray". Ditto to all the remarks so far and I can only add, thank-you for sharing your gift.
Knowing what a clever and creative writer you are, I kind of thought maybe Samuel had a piece of jewelry like the blond's, but you caught me perfectly with the final twist. It's a good thing he had his compassionizer on when he wrote his check. :-)
Another WOW Jan! And perhaps another Winner too!!

Wonderfully imaginative and perfectly written.
Ditto all the comments above, Jan. Loved the title, the story, and that marvelous twist at the end. Just excellent all the way through!
Great twist! They would have made a great pair. Very creative!
I came to your site just to thank you for commenting on my piece. What a kick-in-the-head I got! This piece is super. I want to put down a mat and soak up any crumbs you let fall. ;)
Thanks so much for "slumming" with us at Beginners. It's really appreciated.
Wow, one of my favorite articles of yours. I thought it was going to be one I wasn't captured by, and then boom....