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Cute story. You captured the mind of a cat perfectly. Love the title!
So extremely clever and fun. I just enjoyed this - every word of it. I love the "discussion" - and the last line is perfect.
I really relish your use of astounding alliteration! Delightfully done!
Being a cat lover, with three of my own, the descriptions are right on target...loved the dialogue. And a perfect ending!
'Paws' for applause, dear writer! What a delightfully purr-fect little story. You captured the personality of this fine feline as skillfully as Tibby caught the birdie! So cute! Thank you for whiskering us away into this fun little romp!
Very fun. Your word choice and vocubulary throughout this story is excellent. I liked he dialogue, also. Great job.
Oh, this is so much fun! I had planned to do a cat piece this week, but I'm so glad I didn't, because you did it so well.

"The truth of the matter is that I am superior in humanity to any human. You captured the 'cattitude' expertly with that line.
I read your charming story to Miss Sopie (she of my avatar) and she gives it her approval--she distinctly mentioned that you got it right about the placement of cats and humans.
ROFL! What a cat! This reminds of me of my own, Snowflake, and I think you're spot on with the dialouge! Too funny! I laughed at the end, really great work! ^_^
This was a lot of fun!
Feathers and beaks just don't measure up to gourmet food in a pretty kitty bowl.
Four shouts of hurahh for Tibby's show of mercy! Maybe she is just a bit more humane than humanity. Wonderful story, had me guessing the entire time.
This is such a fun, well-written story. My favorite line was "cat-nipped." I loved the serious discussion of the cat's superiority to humans--no humanity for him.
Nobody delivers a message as well as you. Bravo!! God bless.