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I hope you expand on this - there is obviously much more to this story. I SO want to know more of the details. Great descriptions and tie-in to the topic.
Mysterious and attention getting. Well written, but I, too, want to know more.
I wonder if Cloone will accept her offer, or continue hunting down the rest of the Christians... Good story.
Yikes! Good end times story, with a different twist than most. I enjoyed this, and hope you'll expand it.
Good story. I enjoyed the tension and the mystery. I, too, wanted more and to understand the background of the story. Great writing.
Ok, where's the rest of it? I want to know more! LOL Great job with the topic, really enjoyed this. You should expand this to a longer piece.
After so many comments begging for more...

Will there be more?
Wonderful writing! It reads like a chapter of an endtime novel.
Very thought provoking. Just who would I trust, even from my current church, should christianity become illegal in the US in my lifetime? Would I be able to detect the wolves in sheep's clothing?
Great job of drawing your reader into the story. Love the suspense and vivid emotions.
This is intense, the suspense is definitely there. Clonne struck a chord with me, especially when he said that all he had to do was bow his head at the right time. wow. That is powerful. Great job with this! ^_^
How sinister and mean. This had the atmosphere of "The Diary of Anne Frank" but with a modern twist. Great job of story telling and easily we can be deceived.
Enjoyed the drama of this piece, very engaging. I agree that you have much more to say about this, keep it up.