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"After all, how hard could it be? They were only kindergarteners." Now there's some famous last words. ;-) Cute story.
Reminds me of a guy I knew in college who had to teach kindergartners for summer camp. He let them "spray paint" their projects. LOL! He couldn't figure out what went "wrong". Ha! Great story and very humorous, too.
I liked how you had him stretch out the truth in a very grand fashion and then had to face the consequences of his lies. Too many people do this.
Brittany is adorable. I enjoyed this piece very much.
This is one of my favorites of yours, and I especially love his name. Lots of hilarious bits here.
oh ho! I can see where that was a former babysitter...well, let's just say that experience is the best thing ever when it comes there. LOL, you made this fun and easy to relate to. I think the italics messed up on the last part, but it was good just the same. My favorite piece was where a certain someone was trying to pronounce his last name...Mr.Snot...ROFL!
Great job! ^_^
I'm not a teacher... and this is why.

Great warning for those who don't know the power of the five-year-old imagination. You used perfect kid talk.
I chuckled through this piece. Will have to share it with my colleagues.