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My favorite part is where they explained the reason for the fire and for the beating. This is a great take on the topic and a good story. [Glad you put the broken line between the end of the story and the afterward. The switch in POV was a little jolting because I got so caught up in the story.]
Nice allegory.
Wow, this left me speechless. Takes amazing talent to write something this brilliant.
I love this! I love the lessons that teach us about real life and loved the use of Whiners. I enjoyed this alot.
Excellent! I'm not usually a big fan of personification in prose, but this was beautifully done.

I'd end it with "Freedom"--that really packs a punch.

This one put a lump in my throat.
This one was great.
Red ink: I wouldn't have added the end piece--readers don't need explanations and this felt a little preachy.
My true favorite this week! I really hope this does well! It is so special, the characters-the swords-so real! I especially liked Freedom! You've caught something here that I can't quite explain, but I like it! ^_^ Awesome writing!
Superb, breathtaking, deep. I saw a few minor boo-boos, but they didn't detract from your amazing writing. I could have done without the "footnote". It was moving, but I feel your strong writing and imagery speaks wonderfully and doesn't need explaining. Wonderfully done.
Lovely and strong analogy to the church and the plans God has for each of us. He refines, according to His purpose, and we need to be willing to let Him shape us the way He wants.
Congratulations on your EC! This was a fabulous piece!!!!
***Congrats!*** I'm so glad to see you in the winner's circle! Awesome writing! ^_^
Wow! This is wonderful with so much truth! Congrats on your EC!
Such creativity here. Thanks for a wonderfule tale and CONGRATS!
Wow! Powerful! My favorite part was the "warrior's" quivering response. You were able to portray a lot in just a few words. I would have ended with Freedom and let the reader draw his own conclusions.