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Your intriguing title drew me in, and the rolicking tale (tail?) held me to the chuckling conclusion.
This is so cute. Your ending is perfect.
Oh my! I like your understated humor. This fits the topic well, and the last line gave me a good chuckle.
Attention getting title. I think I know this MC. ;-D Funny story and the ending is great.
Fun story!! That phrase 'How hard can it be?' tends to strike a chord of fear in me. LoL. I love your stories! :-)
A great read! I'm glad my husband is always there to set me straight when I say "how hard can it be?" Love the last line. Some people just never learn. :)
Oh my...I sense disaster in her future! Love the repetition of the line, "How hard can it be?". That really sets the reader up for more humorous CATastrophes. (Oooh-sorry.)I would love to read more of this poor lady's misadventures!
Sounds like one of those impulsive projects a mother takes on to make more money.
Very believable.
I like your title, your tie-ins throughout the story, and your last line is perfect. Great job!
Hi loved your story - kept me interest and laughing great ending. Babysitting children is no easy task either. Thank you for your story.
So funny! Very entertaining to read--I love self-deprecating humor.
So funny. The ending is a hoot. And your Festus-Felix is a riot. Great job with the topic.
How true and how funny. Life is amusing that way isn't it? When I first started reading this I thought, hey, maybe I should give this guy a call...we got a couple of horses. But then as I read on, I knew I better reconsider an keep the kids in tow as well. At least for now. Thorougly enjoyed your story.