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I like how you developed the character using expressed words and actual thoughts.
(This is so creative. How come I didn't come up with something this creative.)
Love the dry, smart humor.
(Better go look up "denouement ". The plot's supposed to build to a climax?)
(I hope this person doesn't think I'm lame.)
I'm not going to say that this was brilliant, because I don't want it to go to your head and cause you to return to your former state of insufferableness. (But it is very good!)
One of the funniest things I've ever read, here on FW, or anywhere! Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Very cute! Nice job of building your plot to a climax. :-)
Oh, I think you've connected with more than a few of us here!
Brilliantly done (and I think you should enjoy the compliments)!
Oh, this is just perfect! Too funny. Love the MC's slow realization.
Gee, it's like you've been around a lot of writers or something. How'd you know all this? Love the progression from false humility to real humility and knowledge.
Yes the progression of your MC was very well done. I was a lil confused at first, but quickly caught on (old age:))
Very entertaining. God bless.
LOL. This was creative, cute, and fun. Nicely done.
I was cracking up while reading this. My kids were gathered around my laptop trying to see what was so funny. They think I'm crazy now. I love, love, love the creativity of this. I dont even know what denouement means; Is that really a word?
Snicker. Giggle. Guffaw! This is so true it hurts. Well done.
"The writer vehemently denies any personal experience with aforementioned thoughts." ROFL This was incredible! Ummmm, can kinda relate to this! Seriously, good job!
This is very, very funny. You couldn't possibly be talking about all of us, could you? You really nailed this proverb. Excellent.
Loved it! Perfect example for this topic, too. :-) Now, off to grab my dictionary. LoL. (sad, but true.) :-)
Bravo! This one is so perfectly telling. I loved it!
LOL what a crack-up! I loved the title.

Don't know about anyone else, but there were a few "Ouch! touche" spots. :)

Can we make this a sticky? :) Love it!
Wow this is so neat! Lord sometimes it is hard to be humble, and harder to be humbled.
LOVE it (where's the little guy rofl smilie when you need him!) This is so great!
ROFL! Okay, I agree with the sticky. This is really, really good...did you borrow any words when I was talking in my sleep?!
Well ... all I've got to say is ... "IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!" and I haven't a clue what you're trying to say in this peice. PM me sometime if you'd like some help. (chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort)
This article is so different and fun to read. Great style and message. Right on topic. Keep writing for Him!
This entry was set out like liturgy- where the congregation says the words in bold together. I could just imagine the Faithwriters reciting it in unison. Me included.
You've got a winner here, and each comment bares witness. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking, fun, read.
Note for future readers:

Denouement (French) n 1: the outcome of a complex sequence of events 2: the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work.

Perfect application of the topic and so very funny. Brilliant, actually.
Great piece. I wrote with the same idea--but not as brilliantly.
Well I had not read this yet. It was a unique way of writing and I enjoyed it. I like how you used bold with this too. Very clever. Could definitely learn from you!
This is so unique and really funny. Bravo my friend!
Hilarious. Sally, I really enjoyed this piece. It's even funnier because I just came home from a local writers' conference where I met several people who could have written the beginning of this piece. :-)
This is great! Thanks for posting the link. I guess I need to do some archive digging.