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Great story right on theme in my books. What a clever teacher Linda is.
A very solid take on the topic.

Let me guess... No other students wanted to take a turn teaching? :-)
Great story! You portrayed teachers and their job of teaching accurately. It's definitely harder than it looks!
Nice job. The writing is great. I'm so glad Linda got through to Jason. He seemed to learn a lot. I don't need to teach a day to know that teacher do is hard.
I really like the teacher's solution to let the student find his own way through his sulky and obnoxious behavior. It's amazing what you can still learn when you give up thinking you know it all! Love the teacher in this story!
I loved the fact that half way through the story you revealed that this kid was a fifth grader. I also liked the way you had the teacher allow him to fail gently rather than punish him and get mad.
You entered me into the story at the beginning with your fake typo. Then I had to keep reading...I felt like I was observing the whole time. And I LOVE a happy ending.
I wanted to see how the masters write. I love the title, the whole story flowed and kept my interest. Great ending. Thank you .
Really good ilustration of the topic. I wanted to smack Jason (and his parents) until he redeemed himself at the end. Good work.
Hip hip hooray! I love teachers! (Of course, I AM one.)

Love pieces that are understanding of the teachers' plight, too. A great read.
Very good writing, Karen. The dialogue is so realistic.

Red ink: At the beginning, the teacher asks Jason if he would like to teach on 'Friday.' At the end, you have Jason returning to school 'the next morning,' -- presumably the day after his teaching experience. Did he have to go to Saturday school. :)

Excellent illustration of the topic. You definitely belong in masters. :)
Karen -- Your characters are so real. Your story is expertly written. I enjoy reading your entries.