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Very nicely done with a lot of showing that put me at the table with them. Loved it.
This is an excellent story. I love the characters and the descriptions of the farm life. Very interesting, too, to know more about the way North America enticed immigrants to come and homestead. I knew it was done in the U.S., but didn't know it was also done in Canada.
Such talented descriptive writing is a sheer pleasure to read. Bless you.
Very enjoyable. Excellent descriptions. Great job!
Outstanding writing as we follow the skillful unfolding of the story.
A story with a lot of depth and well written.
Last line is PERFECT. Wonderful writing (and I'm guessing I know whose it is). You put me right in the middle with them.
I love the contrast between the one who stayed, and the two who went, showing both aspects of the topic at once.
This is excellent writing and a vivid picture of the topic's message. I love this line: Again, Thorvald felt a prickle of doubt and misgiving. I'm thankful he listened to it in the end.
A wise young man indeed. Nicely done.
I like how you made this a difficult choice and that we don't know if the brothers were successful or not. Thorvald recognized the "bird in hand", but you didn't preach against going to Canada. Complex - and well written.
Love the sense of time and place evoked here, and the precious details that elevate your writing far above the crowd. Lovely!
I'm glad he found the right treasure and didn't have to give up everything and return with nothing to what was really treasure after all. I like the you-are-there sort of atmosphere, very good! ^_^
Very well written and thought provoking piece. A decision I know many of our ancestors had to make at one time or another. The gift of discernment is indeed a blessing.
I was easily transported to another time with such excellent writing. The choice to value what was already at hand vs. the enticement of leaving for the unknown is clearly demonstrated here. Absolutely wonderful writing. Great job.
"Thorvald had already found his fortune."

What a fantastic closing line. Many of my relatives came to America during the Irish potato famine. This helped me picture how hard that decision to stay or leave must have been.
Congratulations! Well-deserved for this treasure piece.
Congratulations on your EC. This is a very heart-warming piece -- and a wonderful example of the topic. Great job.