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Ooh, I think I know who wrote this one ;) Awesome descriptive writing.
Such powerful descriptions. I was angry with your mc for entertaining over and again his adulterous thoughts and dreams when he was so blessed.
Rich details. I could picture this so clearly.
So amazingly visual and evocative. Masterful.
He may have gone back to bed, but he's got some 'splainin' to do. He needs some counseling-fast-or he may still end up being a statistic! The descriptions of his thoughts were so vividly written, I wanted to throttle this naive man.
First lullabies and now blankets...are we expecting again??
Honest and passionate. Great story.
Your opening paragraph was brilliant. The rest of it was MY worst nightmare. Very realistic for many, undoubtedly.
The rumors are flying in the message boards about a superman of writing. I could shoot bullets at this piece and they would fall harmlessly to the floor.
What I liked the most was that you used the image of a blanket to show how real life sometimes scratches us to the point of irritation but it is still part of the blessings.
Vivid description and imagery. I like how you used the jasmine vine to symbolize the temptation.
Bravo! Great message. I'm glad he realized what was important.
[Oh, maybe he should buy her a new nightshirt. ;) ]
I really enjoyed reading this, could't read fast enough to find out what happened.
Love all the words choices here, especially the word mantle. Please continue to enter the challenge.
Once more with the back and forth between contrasts - scratchy and silky, ratty and lacey. Really shows the torment that the MC placed himself in. Glad he came to his senses (pun intended). He BETTER count his blessings. ;-)
Perfect in every way, as always. I'm so glad you're entering again!
Yeah, and I bet Miss Jenny would end up in something frumpy after a few months, too. ;0)
I was irritated with your MC until the end when he did the right thing. Superb description. Big thumbs up.
Perfect illustration for the topic. Even though he made the right decision, I still didn't care for the MC. I love the descriptive writing style; making it one of my favorite entries this week.
Ok, I'm back from dumping the nightshirt in the trash can! LOL! In a word...greatstuff! (so I used two) You're a true artist in every sense of the word. What a treat to have you back in the Challenge!
The imagery is tantalizing, and I don't need to mention the descriptions, do I? Perfect.
The scene painted by your first paragraph is amazing/beautiful. I think all the women reading this were "saying" to your MC, "NO, no don't go there." Yes, you are definitely a master. Awesome writing.
Hmmm. Very interesting. I'm glad that he sort of changed his mind in the end, for a moment, I thought this was an elderly couple until I got to the end where there was the baby daughter. The opening descriptions are very nice. I liked them.
Maxx, evocotive and as always with you, a good read. You do have a way with words! Loren
Yes, we start out as Jennys, give our energy and life to our children, and end up as nameless lumps in the bed. Lucky ones can count on wise and noble husbands. Others have to keep the nails manicured at any cost. You did a beautiful job telling this too close for comfort story. The blanket analogy is great!