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Very interesting scenario. Glad that Jack escaped this one.
There is certainly a lot of suspense and mystery here. I suspect however that you have left too many details hanging for the reader to work out for himself. Is Mr Wardsman a demon? Or the leader of some strange cult? I think that either would be possible. Intriguing but maybe a bit disappointing too.
While I was glad that your mc made the right choice and even that he witnessed, I was curious to know what the job was.

Your story reminded me of our daughter wanting to leave her job as a banker for a more exciting position. She answered an ad in the paper that held out great promise, only to find that she'd be selling funeral plots. Suddenly banking looked pretty good.
Chilling! Very good writing. You kept me glued to the page.
Your story had me hooked until the end, and I'm guessing the salesman was some kind of demon or something, with the lack of a door. Would have liked to have known what the disconcerting questions were, though.
Definitely chilling - lots of unanswered questions. Darn that word count, eh? Would love to know what kinds of questions they were, and who the guy was, and what the job was. I hope you expand this.
Great story! Starting off with something as innocent as a job interview and turning it into something of a much more sinister nature.

LOL don't you just hate word counts sometimes... that definitely left me wanting more. Well done.
Your title got me here, the rest of the read was great. I sense a Deja vu' sort of vibe here. I'm so glad that Jack got out and away though...if he'd listened to his stomach sooner...grrr! ^_^
A very creative tale of the tempter who is always trying to trip us up with dillusions of grandeur.
This one doesn't do as much for me as your usual writing. I think it's because it assumes that all multi-level marketing businesses are bad and greedy, and while they annoy the giblets out of me, they can help the right individual. Other than that personal preference, it was very well written, as all your work is :)
I have to admit that CS Lewis was a bit more shrewd with his Mr. Screwtape, but I "enjoyed" being a fly in the office listening to his technique. What I really liked, too, was that gut feeling your MC had. Something I know we all should pay much more attention to. That tug - that which shows God cares and trys to pull us away from harm.
Very interesting. Perfect depiction of how fast Satan can leave. Also proves how God is always there to help us. I really enjoyed reading this. Great writing!
Ooooh, creepy! You really set the tone with your descriptions of the interviewer, and Jack's gut feelings. Good job.
Sinister, indeed! Glad Jack had the discernment to run from that "opportunity". I guessed who the interviewer might be, but read it again and caught the little hints sprinkled around the story. Very different for you, but your descriptions were right on target.
This entry is chilling and gave me goosebumps when I read it. No denying who Claven Wardsman was. I loved how you gave us just enough information to fill in the blanks. Well Done!
You definitely captured a very sinister Claven Wardsman that left me with a feeling of being in the presence of evil, and you definitely captured this reader with your excellent writing skills.
I'm so glad he listened to his feelings and walked out! *Chills*
This makes perfect sense in the spiritual realm. Jack's constant inner warnings was all he really needed to not get trapped. I agree with an earlier review, though. It would have been great if we knew what the "disconcerting question" was.
Creative. I saw the spoiler so I knew the ending - don't know if I'd have guessed it or not. I just know I've seen the infomercial for this company on TV recently.