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So much truth here. Heard a wonderful sermon series that this would would have been a perfect illustration for. She kept praying for God to change her husband, then one day it hit her...she needed God to change her. They had a wonderful marriage after that -- even through his slow, painful decline into illness. Without that prayer and change she would have missed so many blessings.

Your MC is one smart lady.
I love your title, and application of the topic. It clearly shows how disrespect can threaten marriage.

One thing confused me, though.
"I turn back from the window and sit with these women."
Everything else seemed to indicate that it was just the two of them.
One more vote for the title. Great Ending.
What a provoking title!!! And convicting. Thank you for reminding me to put my small criticisms of my spouse under lock and key...all the while, realizing God made him just for me.
This really illustrates the topic with power and conviction. How many times do we voice discontent with those we love? Very important message in your story.
You illustrated an important message with your interesting story.
A lesson learned indeed. Great job with the flashback, and I love the MC's voice. Such an important lesson.
Very well written. Powerful message. Great entry all around. Bravo for you. God bless.

BTW-I decided long ago everytime my husband did something that bothered me, I'd think of something positive. For example: He's messy, but he doensn't care when I'M messy.
This story caught my attention and drew me in. Better than that - it convicted me. Thank you.
Very impactful story.
So true that criticism is extremely damaging. And encouraging to see relationships repaired by God's grace.
Wonderful-all of it.
Super title, and a very good story that would make a wonderful discussion-starter for womens' groups.
It irks me when I hear women bad-mouthing their husbands. You conveyed this so well. Nicely done.
Wow, friend! This is incredibly powerful writing! I know a young woman who I've wanted to say exactly the same thoughts to, but just can't. Sure wish I could put this story in her hands. In today's climate of 'empowerment' for women, so many have lost touch with men's needs and sensitivities. This story is so 'right on'. I'm hoping it gets out there.
Lots of emotion here. I'm glad that Susan had a chance to change and when she did, she was able to see Bob in a new light. The title was right on!

RED PEN: There's a quotation mark on the end of the sentence where Susan's telling Cindy about her and Bob, except it's not dialouge. Sorry to be nitpicky!
Great very realistic story with an even better message, don't try to change someone else before noticing the pole in your own eye. Nice writing that flowed well.
Excellent message in the story and perfect for topic. I enjoyed the realistic writing style.
YES! Excellent example of the topic and an even better message that so many women need to hear! (This is one of my favorite soap boxes-LoL) And the title is Super. :-)
Wow! Masterfully written story. This would make a great Devotional.
This is a great example for many wives. The format works well for this story -- the present and going back. This would be a good skit for a woman's retreat. Nice job with the topic.