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Oh boy, it would be great to see this happen and many, many kids would applaud. The way you used the phrase "terms and conditions apply" was right on topic. Too bad those Jr. and High School decisions don't come with some fine print to read before agreeing. Good example for the topic.
Aww... how sweet... I was hoping she would do the right thing in the end! And I loved it that many others saw through the popular girls like she did. Really good story... thanks!
I enjoyed your title and especially your ending. It reminded me a little bit of the "Never Been Kissed" movie at the end when she tells all the girls off at the prom. ;)
Suspenseful climactic scene in the cafeteria. And a thoughtful deliberation of the pros and cons of the choice offered. Excellent and appropriate writing for a teen audience. Well done.
I was happy to see a right choice made here. I liked your mc.
Encouraging to see the MC chosing to keep the bird in her hand than fall into a flattering yet obvious trap.
That certainly took guts. I enjoyed the battle within your MC's mind.
I am sooooo glad the MC made the right choice! I love a stand up and cheer story, and this made me cheer.
Oh yeah; this was great. There's nothing more enjoyable than reading and giving a ra,ra,rah at the end along with the characters.
The pro/con battle made this piece a delight. I thought this might even end with a "Lady or the Tiger" cliffhanger where she stands up without the reader ever knowing what she had decided.
The end. What do YOU think she did?

But the clapping crowd beat the tiger completely.
Shannon's courage is inspiring.
I love happy endings, even though I don't always use them myself.
This made me think of the movie "Clueless." You did a great job showing the shallow values of the popular girls. I like your MC. She's the real winner.
Thank goodness we don't have to go through all that again, great lesson, so glad she had the guts to stand on the chair, so few of us take those important risks.
Awesome--I can even see something like this set to music as a scene or two in "High School Musical."
Excellent take on the topic. Great MC voice and loved the ending.
Great writing, great take on the topic, fantastic ending!
I liked the gusto of Shannon, especially when she told the clique, any time you want to join me and my friend you are welcome. Nice job with the topic and great writing.
I LOVE your ending. I'm so glad that she stood up for herself, her friend and true friendship. I loved her character and how she struggled with the choice, but made the right one when the time came. Great job.

Congratulations! I'm so glad this one will be seen again and again.
Congratulations on your EC. Wonderful example of the topic.
Oh to have that really happen in real life when you were the less desirable and offered something better. I am glad she chose to do the right thing.