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Poor man. I think we readers may be entering that comment a lot this week! Great illustration of the topic, and with a hint of Biblical story re-telling, too.
Well done. I enjoyed this perspective, probably because I have known many just like "the boss." Hopefully, he learned his lesson.
This is an excellent modernization of the Bible story. If only...
Great re-telling of Jesus' parable.
Great characterization, and your last line is spot on. Great writing.
I agree - your characters are well defined. The last 2 paragraphs are devastating. Excellent writing.
Nicely done. I also liked your concluding line. Among my favorites this week.
Wow. I can't really say that I feel sorry for the guy. I feel bad for his wife, who did try to encourage him to share what he had. A very good illustration on this topic-Congrats on your well-deserved win! ^_^
Congratulations! Now "who-de-boss-man"?
Congratulations on your EC. This is written very well, and an excellent example of the proverb. Great job.
Perfect story for the topic! Congrats on your placing and EC!
Superb writing - congrats on your EC.
Wow! This entry holds a powerful message and is masterfully told. I like the take off of Christ's parable in Luke 12:16-20.
Congratulations on your EC!
Hi Tim! I just "dropped in" to the WC to see what was cooking, and was delighted to see your name on the EC list! Congrats on an excellent article. You did a marvelous job fleshing out the parable; I always appreciate your descriptive flair and character development. The flaming dark eyes... the rebuff to the beloved wife...The lowly servant with God's words in his mouth...Your flow here is as sharp and focused as I've seen in any of your stuff. Great work!