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Hahahaha, brilliantly funny :D Thanks for the new vocab too--kismet and apogee. Poor girl; I guess you could say she fell for him.
Ewww...what an ending! This certainly illustrates, many times over and from many angles, the topic this week. I felt nervous for the MC, and guessing what lay ahead for her, some guilt for laughing at her demise.
This certainly kept my attention.. I was so "there" I knew I would feel the fall with her. Great writing!
Wow, this is brilliant. I felt like I was in the crowd watching and couldn't help but feel horrible for her in the end.
She should have kept that first "bird" for sure. I just knew what was going to happen to her, but you held me to the bitter "splat."
A most amusing story written with a flowing style. I could almost see song lyrics attempting to burst out of the paragraphs like a moth from a cacoon. (A couple of typos: 'firt' instead of 'first' and 'his grasped' instead of 'his grasp')
Very engaging. Good plot and well structured. I did feel for the girl even though it was her folly. I guess that is the nature of compassion for the foolish mistakes we as humans can make, and the grace that can bring us back to truth.
Brilliant. Wonderful descriptions with an amazing bit of whimsy throughout. Enjoyed this.
Wowsers! This is, it's great. It's fun and right on topic, too.
I wish there had been a net there to catch her! But what great writing! Excellent and on topic!
The impending doom was palpable.
If a net was out of the question, I would have liked the poetic justice of her grabbing hold of him as she fell, causing him to also lose his grip.
I enjoyed the writing style and very clever take on topic.
I remember that song! I haven't thought of it in years! Thanks for the memory, and the fun, satirical piece.
Well done! Kept me hooked right to the end. Kept hoping, yet knew that the inevitable was approaching. Ahh poor girl!
Thanks (not) for reminding me of that song... can't get it out of my head now.

What fun! I enjoyed the allusion to the "Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze" allusion along with the "This is the cat that ate the rat that lived in the house that Jack built ending." Great and entertaining entry. Thanks!
Oooh! You got me with the end there. Some very, very brilliant imagery, I liked the descriptions of the circus, like with the shimmering leotards and the big ring, etc. Your title fits very well for this piece, I think you hit the topic head on! ^_^
Gross! Sad! But you had me reading even when I knew at the mention of no net what was going to take place. Great writing.
This is one of my favorites this week. The story is very interesting and love the writing style.
Fantastic story! I remember that song! Masterwriting!
NO! What a terrible ending.
The romantic in me is crushed.
The writer in me says, 'You are amazing.'
I wanted to read fast to see what happened but I read slow to enjoy every word.
I know this has a horrible ending, but you had me giggling throughout. Your writing is brilliant. Wonderful take on the topic.