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Ooooh. I didn't see the ticket coming. I thought she was going to crash. Yikes! What a lousy start to the morning...LOL...sounds like me on a rainy day!
Excellent! Internal dialogue is so real and genuine -- so um, when did this actually happen? Come on... we all want to know.
I was intrigued with how you interspersed her prayer with her angry remarks. We are all so human, aren't we? It's a wonder and a marvel how God loves us so. Good story.
I like this because it's so real. Don't we all hit the snooze button, and then pay for it later? Nice job with the topic.
This was written so well, I felt like I was riding along with her. Of course, I wasn't, because if I had been she wouldn't have been pulled over for driving in the HOV lane illegally! lol Great writing!
Very real - great interior monologue. Enjoyed the read. Title is perfect :) Bet this is based on a real event ;)
I wish I could say I can't identify. We night owls find mornings, especially dreary ones, hard to deal with. I, too, was impressed with the inner dialogue throughout.
The snooze alarm thing sounded like my daughter when she was in college! I liked the inner dialog. Well done.
Oh how I miss the days when I could sleep past 5:00am. My kids get up way before the alarm goes off and yet I am still late every day. I bet your MC could just hear those stitches ripping as the day wore on.
Seems to me along with that prayer of forgiveness, she should have asked for a little wisdom to boot. That guy in the truck could have been a cop in disguise you know! : )
Besides, isn't it odd that we chose not to do something because we might get caugth rather than simply because it's the right thing to do?

This was a fun read and an example most of us can relate to.
Well I can relate to this! My alarm clock is on the dresser across the room where I HAVE to get up! ;D And the part where she's praying and chewing out other drivers - it's like looking in a mirror! Great story!
I loved this way-too-true story. If I got all the tickets I deserve...

Well, anyway, I loved the internal dialogue mixing with the radio. And I really liked all the descriptions worked effortlessly through the story. I could picture exactly what was happening. Very enjoyable!
Excellent job with Sonja's internal monologue, and with this well-written story.
Excellent and unique writing on topic, very realistic.
You brought this all too familiar experience into full blown reality on a page! LOL! Great job!
You took a common story and wrote it so excellently. I admire the way you weaved the radio in and out so realistically, and the words you chose to do so. Excellent!
TSK! TSK! to the MC.
This one reminded me of the verse "Be sure your sins will find you out." (perfect for this topic)
Well done for someone who almost didn't enter!
Great job! I have two teens, the story felt like my life.
Oh! I can so relate to this MC. I remember hitting my snooze button one too many times. Great staging for both parts of your story. I could feel the tiredness while she was still in bed, and then the frustration and tension while she was on the highway. Love the verse at the end, too!
I loved the internal dialog and how the radio announcer kept cutting in. The passage of time was very clear and easy to follow and the overall flow and feel was great. Realistic and enjoyable. :-) Hugs!
Great illustration of the verse and of the topic! I enjoyed the radio sound bites. I almost cringed when I saw where her thoughts were going concerning the HOV lane. :) You wrote this perfectly.
This line was perfect: "You should really get an earlier start when it's raining, you know�" Ouch, ouch, ouch!
Oooo, that snooze button must have been thought up by Satan. Great message and writing. I know she was going to get a ticket.
Masterful writing! This one could be developed into a skit for church....!
perfect perfect perfect ..... everybody knows you always carry an inflatable dummy with you for emergencies like this! ;-) Kidding, just kidding! Very well done and a potential winner in my book.
Really great writing Cat and a wonderful start for your first week in Masters. I liked best how you brought the scene up close and personal with a blow by blow account making the reader feel as if we were experiencing everything right along with the mc. It also reminded me of the proverb 'yet a little sleep, a little folding of the hands to sleep...