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OUCH! I think you nailed the topic here. This is one thing practically everyone can relate to. (Not to mention most of us have gone through-lol) Love the title and the way you show the emotion in this piece. Great job.
I'm going to backup my files immediately! What a perfect illustration of the theme, and something I'll bet lots of us can identify with. Good work.
This is all too real -- yet I still won't backup my files. And what do you mean they can't do this -- "to somehow type 36 odd characters while holding down the shift and control keys and make everything work again."

Great job with the topic.
So SO creative - we can ALL relate too, of course. Love the voice of this - and how long it took me to figure out what was dead ;) And I loved it even after I found out. Good stuff.
Okay, know you're getting painfully personal! Ouch! (nice job, by the way.)
So well written--so fitting to the topic--so true
How heartbreaking! I love this line: "I dont have backup copies. Nobody actually makes backups." How true. The only thing I didn't like was your use of the word "thing" in the first line, but regardless, I think I've been convinced (again) to make a backup. Maybe I'll actually do it. :)
This is so appropriate for today's world. What a great contemporary take on this weeks topic. I enjoyed the humourous, tongue-in-cheek writing as well!
Im not embarrassed. Im confident in my masculinity. Im not ashamed to admit it. I do indeed regularly backup my computer files. There, I said it. Doesnt that feel better? Heart-felt sigh of relief.
But an excellent reminder, and an amusing, highly creative approach to the topic. Well done indeed.
Dear Clem, thank you for your thoughtful comments on my article on "A stitch in Time".

You are right of course about the white spaces!

It was so difficult to get all those facts about such a huge subject into 750 words!

I have just read your story about the person who never backs up their word onto another drive or disc. Of course we never do that do we?

Perhaps a shortened version should the 32nd proverb in a digital Bible!

It was an enjoyable and chastening read.

Thanks Clive
Wonderful, I felt the helplessness and defeat as if it was my crash. Thanks and keep up the good words.
Oh, no! I have been there!!!! Perfect example of the topic and the emotions the MC felt. I'm confident that he will always make backups now. ;-)