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Not bad. I liked this. The idea with the 3D movie "playing out behind my eyelids" that was very realistic. My only note is the second to last sentence seemed a little awkward to me, as if there was another word or something missing? Just my thought. This was a good read!
You've captured both angst and triumph, wrapping them together with a great redemptive ending. Very enjoyable read.
Good application of the theme from my perspective, and a good lesson.
This story touched my heart deeply. It shows great sensitivity to the feelings of others. You did a fantastic job telling this story.
I enjoyed (probably not quite the right word!) the gossip and slander session. You put real life and venom into your three women.
I felt that the ending was a bit forced and needed further development. Perhaps just a victim of the word limit.
A strong piece, with an important lesson. Excellent job getting us into the pastor's wife's head - and I loved her "3-D movie." An excellent touch!
Excellent entry! What a message!
Great take on the topic. It's a good illustration of why people often fail to take "a stitch in time." It's often a very hard thing they're required to do.
Oh to have that courage to stop the gossips. I love how God showed her what MIGHT be and moved her to action. He must have worked wonders with the gossips too, for them to repent so quickly.
Perfect job with the topic. So wonderful to see the Holy Spirit providing prompts to perform the stitch in time, and seeing the MC manage to do it just in the nick of time.
The descriptions are great, and the internal dialog, the wrestling, adds to the lesson of this story. Good job!
Such a good lesson for all in your story of the way we should be. Well done.
Wow, powerful story! My mouth fell to the floor at the idea that women at church would be that openly cruel. I usually hear the "Bless her heart" routine here in glad the Holy Spirit led her to rebuke them.
From one pastor's wife to another, Feeling her frustration, I was cheering for her when she pushed through to obey! Very well written.
Wonderfully written lesson on compassion! I liked the movie behind the eyelids aspect. Thanks!
As another pastor wife, I too would have struggled "hearing", but I hope and pray that I would have come out and confronted such cruel words by those claiming to love Jesus. Thank you for sharing this. Since it was gossip that split our church this last year, I understand how painful gossip can be.
Well written ... great polish here. The story was right on topic. Ya done good!
This is a great story, because it's so true. Gossips don't realize the power of the spoken word. I love the ending, how everyone repented! This could be developed into a wonderful skit for church!