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This story really works for me because I, too, am "thrifty", and I love numbers. Illustrating the topic with simple math is very creative, and quite effective. Great job with the topic.
Heehee, poor guy. I could almost feel sorry for him. Annie's a great gal though. I liked how you used the prices of things throughout the story, like $950 for the puppies apiece, etc. Great job.
This story works for me because I love romance and puppies and great writing.
The last exchange is oh, so sweet. I love the irony in this piece. Great work!
This is sooooooooo good! And I love the ending.
This story works for me simply because I am laughing long after I finished reading it! Pink Nail polish????? BWAHAHA!
This is just precious and sounds so much like a man falling in love. This is one of my favorites this week. Well done!
Light, fun, perfect for the topic, and the details...the details weave into this story masterfully. I enjoyed it a great deal.
Clever and cute and fun. I just may have a guess who wrote this one :)Love the MC's voice/personality.
Love the MC's voice. A fun of my favorites this week. Excellent!
I recognized Mr. Thrifty. I think he's in my family! Great story writing details...the mountings bills as he tried to "fix" his mistake, and of course the final sentence. Excellent!
This one hooked me because I just had to see what happened to the guy after "It was on our third date that everything went south." The repetition of the amounts and the chorus "I should have followed her" is masterful. I did not expect the puppy purchase and the last line is great. Fantastic short story.
I like this one a lot. Quoting the price for everything added a punch to the MC's personality. Of course, I wouldn't have chased after someone, or spent that much money on someone, with no sense of humor. I wanted to drop-kick Annie and tell her to get over it. :)
LOVE IT! Master storytelling from start to finish!
I busted a LOL at the last line. LOVED this story from first to last. Lucky puppies indeed! What a hoot.
OH, my goodness, I am in stitches! Excellent piece!
I agree with pretty much everything that's already been said. The last line was great!
Brilliant. I'm still smiling. You nailed us misers well :)
Well, I'd never heard the term "a drop-kick
dog." before, but context clued me in to how badly he had stuck his foot in his mouth. I realize we only have 750 words, but the sudden enlightenment and love of drop-kick
dogs seemed a bit contrived, though love can do strange things to a person.
oh man - those dogs are going to cost money every month. Plus... you're now the 5th most important person in the house.
Jan - the topic was "save nine" - I don't see any Savings here - poor guy!
I should have know this entry was your's, Jan. It has your fingerprints all over it - characteristic quality!
Hey...I think I dated this guy once...was he around in the late '70's? (If it wasn't this guy, it was his twin-he made me SHARE a meal with him.) I didn't stick around to find out if love changed my date, but I'm glad this guy changed. Great take on the topic!
Creative, fun, on topic. Need I say more? Thumbs up.
Oh, what a delight! It's as cute as one of those little poms! LOL! Jan, you're a master at creating 'put a smile on your face' characters. Loved it...loved it!!
Wonderful article. I was in stitches (sorry) seeing the stingy guy having to spend more and more money in attempt to fix what could have been fixed if he had apologized straight away.
I read this last week before I knew it was yours and found it hysterical! Loved the ending! Hope he gets the girl!
'Mr. Thrifty' gets puppy love! I love it...especially the last line. Perfect Valentines Day story, too.
I fell in love with Mr Thrifty! :) What a great guy. (all it took was the right woman). You've written this perfectly (as usual :). I love it. Thanks.
Great message and the 'Awww!' factor at the end was perfect.
Smiling ear to ear, mainly because I've been there and done that! It hardly ever pays to be frugal---espcially if you're courting the one you love.
Really liked the creative take on the topic.
Delightful! Absolutely deeeligtful. :-) and I hope he gets the girl! :-)
How come women are so much better at seeing into the opposite sex than men? Brilliant.
Looking at what kinds of things are considered for the EC, and so glad I did, because I found this happy and touchy piece, hope he still isn't a bachelor.