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Right on topic! You have illustrated such an important truth. The "slips" that are avoided in life are seldom recognized. Great falls are sensationalized for all to know about. But ... the spills of life that were prevented before they happened often go unnoticed. Great story. Love the title.
This is very good for the topic. The characters are fun -- especially Little Mess -- and the lesson is illustrated very well.
Oh grumble, grumble...
I was rooting for Little Mess. His aspirations were so charming. Fun and creative. This is a winner!
A clever idea--to personify Little Mess and clean him up. I enjoyed this fun read.
An absolute delight to read this imaginative work. Great personification! This is my favorite so far.
Oh, this is super good! Love it, love it, love. Little Mess has such personality.
Positively perfect ploy of puns!
Delightfully creative and engaging. An extremely fun voice and a wonderful read. Loved it.
Entertaining from start to finish! Great take on the topic!
Wow! This was perfectly on topic! I really expected to see the woman fall -- but alas, a calamity averted:) Great message!
What a creative take on the theme. Great job.
A perfect illustration of the saying, and a delightful read. I love the POV and the twist near the end, averting calamity.
Cute POV! Great story for the topic. We need more Miss Jennies in this world.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. This story is in masters, exactly where it belongs. The writing is engaging, the plot is precious and it is creative and clever. Right on topic! Great job.
In a word, I find this brillaint. It captures the essence of the topic with flawless creativity...and, did I happen to mention, I like it very much : )
Oh my, I've rarely seen something this creative! Who thinks to personify a little mess??? Awesome.
Cute and fun. Little mess sounds a bit devious to me :)
A fun read. Where would we be without those who write for children, and teach them such important lessons while engaging their attention?
Interestign POV!
I didn't know those things had a mind of their own! NO wonder they seem to grow when you're not looking!
Wonderfully written! It was such fun to read and picture scenes that could happen as you described them. I love the tissue from the sleeve. :)
Congratulations on your much deserved EC Karen. Way to go!
Karen, this is one of the most creative pieces I've read in a long time! What a cute MC! Little first I thought 'he' was one of my children that got in there! Haha! EC was certainly right for this one! Congratulations!