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What a unique idea "The Mending Way." I was hoping that your mc was dreaming and would awaken to see the necessity of making right choices before she made the wrong ones.
Imaginative, great discriptive language, good metaphor, and beautiful turn when she's handed a frest, clean future to write in. I loved this story.
What an inspiring story! You beautifully showed how choices drive us farther and farther from the right path. You skillfully reminded us that even though there are painful places in our past, focusing on the past (or changing the past) is not as important as changing the future.
Theres a lot that I liked about this excellent allegory the mystery, the mistakes from everyday life, the peace and serenity of the room, the way the attendant threw the marred book far away, and the ever so appropriate Bible passage at the end. Extremely well done.
Just one thing that rang false for me for the use of the word hospital as, together with the man in the white coat, the reader could possibly have been left wondering if Amelia was somehow in a psychiatric institution - thus giving the piece an entirely different meaning. Maybe not, but I thought I would mention it.

Very creative and thought-provoking and beautiful. I really did NOT know where this was going until the end. Wonderfully done.
This is really good. Very well written and great illustration of the topic. Nice job.
I was swept up in your story from the first sentence to the last. Fantastic writing!
Great article. I especially loved the way she chose to fix her future rather than try to go back into the past and try again.
Wow, very nice story. I loved the message and that she choose her future to change. I loved the book with the blank pages. I do agree with Gregory's comments also, but this was very well done!
This fits the topic so well. And who hasn't made a bizillion mistakes in their lifetime, most of which have long been forgotten? What a great story and what a great God we have who's willing to forgive all those mountains of bad judgment.
Very creative. A most enjoyable read:)
A very unique take on the topic. I'm sure everyone has done something they'd like to go back and erase. It's so reassuring that Jesus offers us the chance to start again. Well done.
I really liked the take you took on this subject. It gives one pause to think and consider not only past decisoins, but ones that are before us even today.
I want to comment on your quality of writing here which is top-notch with lots of little goodies tucked in, but also on the other deeper message imbedded in your story. Two simple words. Amazing Grace.