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I could really see Lucy in this story!

The story is obviously written in first person. I suggest varying the sentence structure a bit because many sentences begin with "I".
Example: "I sang off-key while I finished..." could read "Singing off-key, I finished..."
This is mostly just a style preference.

You painted a truly hilarious scene. Fun Story!
Oh, this sounds like it really could have happened. It was just one thing after another and you just kept pulling me along through the story. "I had a few finishing touches" = famous last words. Funny!
Thanks for the laughs. I could just see Lucy as all of this unfolded. Good job.
Absolutely hilarious. Very Lucille Ball-esque. I enjoyed it start to finish.
I laughed the hardest at the suds escaping from the dishwasher. Been there - done that! Too funny and so true. You captured the perfect dinner gone bad perfectly. Well done!
Hilarious. And what an understanding, patient husband!
I thought that the final line was too tame. Such an entertaining piece deserves a snappier punch-line. But what? There’s the challenge.
Cute last line - and you certainly put me in the middle of this whole ordeal. I could definitely see this happening to Lucy - a VERY fun read!
This was so much fun. A joy to read and very well written!
Very cute. And I've done the dishwasher thing -- at my sister's house. This is a fun illustration of the topic. Good job.
I was wrong. I can admit it. When my wife reached your punchline, she burst out laughing. So there you go.
I related to this too well! Everyone knows when my food is done by the smoke alarm:) Thanks for the heads-up about not using regular soap in the dishwasher! LOL!
Most entertaining watching the string of disasters arising from not dealing with anything when it needed to be dealt with. Loved the punchline, completely in character.
Too funny. I actually did that with my first dishwasher. My floor was really clean by the time the suds were all mopped up.
This was hilarious and Rhonda is blessed with a wonderful husband.
At least they had an 'ice-breaker' for conversation with thier guests!
One error(?) 'got get' in the second to last line.
Great story from beginning to end.
'their' guests! Look who's talking about typos. HeHe.
Way creative! I had such a good time reading this piece.
Reading this was like sitting in front of the television and watching an episode of I Love Lucy - only better. Great job!
You're one of the best humor writers we've got here--this piece is an examplar of that. I want to write like you when I grow up!
Grinning ear to ear. What a delightful story. And, I think the dishwasher liquid should have said something about not using in the else are we to know what not to do ? : )
This was a lot of fun, though I saw some of where it was going. I particularly liked Tipper. Thank God for gracious husbands!
Sounds like a nightmare! Excellent application to the topic. Love your humor, too.
Hilarious! (Though it's NEVER funny at the time.) I dropped my chicken dish on the way to the table one time. It took three hours to cook-and the guests saw the whole disaster! I tried not to cry...honest. This is written so true to life, the dialogue made me think I was eavesdropping.
I loved this. The title drew me in because I just adore Lucille Ball. The description of the dishwasher mess was perfect, I did it to, so I should know.
Awesome! Kind of reminds me of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Another one to add to a future 'short story book'! :)
Heehee...I know someone who actually did that exact thing just before an important dinner. Luckily she had four sons to help clean up and no cat to eat the cheese. Needless to say, now she never runs out of dishwasher soap! ^_^ Loved this piece!
What a fun story! Just the other day the kids asked what would happen if we used dish soap instead of dishwasher detergent...LoL. What a good laugh. :-)
What a fun story...but I was wishing I could help her. :) (especially with his boss and wife coming over). Great humorous writing!!