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I loved the wryly humorous observation about the houses in this excellent article.
I'm wondering if you meant shades of blue instead of shapes? I loved the comment about the paneling. Nice story!
I absolutely love love LOVE the voice of this - and, of course, the message. Excellent characterization, and I adored the splashes of humor here and there. Excellent.
Cleverly done. I found your introduction intriguing. And I liked the way you subtly tied together the title with your final sentence.
Well done and a great story to boot! I liked this one alot.
Very nicely done. I loved the back and force dialogue at the beginning. This really drew me in. I liked the last line. Good job!
terrific way to connect the theme to one of our best Bible stories. well done!
Love the double meanings - only apparent to me after reading the last line. The free gift the second man was given and wasn't embarrassed to talk about being the most outstanding.
What a wonderful way to illustrate building our houses on a firm foundation! Except for a few typos this was great!
You illustrated the proverb perfectly. I liked your overall lesson.
As I was reading this, I couldn't help but wonder if your MC's name was in someway part of your story's message (Clean). In that clean, honest and charitable living is not enough...we must have Christ to be truly saved. Great story and great writing.
I loved the way this article flowed so naturally, and the meaning was deep on so many levels.