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Wow! One bad day out of 10,322. Glad that most of us can't have that kind of impact because of some careless oversights on one day. Great story. Had me to the very end.
I'd say you nailed the meaning of this saying to the nth degree. This is a great illustration of the consequences of not taking the time to do it right to first time. This was easy and enjoyable to read. Good job with the topic.
Wow, what an apocalyptic error! Love the last line...I can't think of a more extreme or modernistic example of this old adage. Even though I kinda knew what was going to happen, I just had to keep on reading to the
Very entertaining from start to END. Nathan also missed "they're acceptance" when he edited this piece. (Sorry - had to do it)
Fascinating story--start to finish, that illustrates perfectly the proverb.
Great story. It had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

A few minor things to correct (someone else has already caught one of them):

Numbers at the beginning of a sentence should be written out, ie. Thirty rather and 30.

And there's an extra letter on the end of "you" in "the three you inspected."

Little things, sorry to nitpick, must be the pressure of impending doom after this excellent story.
Great story. You packed a lot of intensity into 750 words!
Talk about a bad day.... Hey, considering how things turned out for Nathan (and a few million others) did you mean for "Die and Press" to be a play on words as well as the company's name? Surely you meant "dead-end job" to be a play. And "met the grim reaper". Foreshadowing? A prediction, maybe? ;-)
I used to be an inspector in a factory so your title got my attention. But, your writing kept me from the first to the last sentence. Well done.
This definitely kept me engaged. Very creative.
WOW. Talk about consequences. Really makes you think a little more about the impact you have on every little thing you do.
This was pretty good, just one typo I think "three your inspected" Your=you?
Otherwise, great job!
Oh yes, no job is too small or too unimportant. This held my attention. I couldn't
wait to read the ending. Thumbs up.
Scary! I hope nothing I do has such a BIG impact...but you never know!
Great writing.
Great story! This was very well written and engaging.
Yikes! A moment's thought of "it really doesn't matter" ends up being the reason all is lost.
Quite well crafted.
The ultimate bad result - wow. You nailed the topic for sure.
Very good writing, great idea and very interesting.
Wow...great thinking outside the box! I liked this! Others have mentioned the typos, so I won't! :D