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Ah, the petty politics of the pulpit. A realistic and well written account of an event repeated so many times. Men and women of the cloth are herded out of the leadership by those who forget about why the church exists in the first place.
The tension was absolutely palpable. I so want to know more - drat that 750-word limit! I truly care about the pastor and his fiancee, and hope you DO expand on this at some point.
This stirred the agony and pain that my husband and I have had to deal with this past year within our own church Body. How terribly sad how common this is. A group of people thinking they should decide when a pastor should stay or go, without following the Lord. This hit to the core of my life, and I felt the need to reach out and minister to this pastor and his fiance.
This breaks my heart. Beautifully written; if left me wanting more, espeically of the back story of Yvonne and the pastor.
I could have been sitting right there in a pew. You captured the emotions and laid them out bare. You created a humble and wise pastor whose actions increased the pettiness of the seven. And you left the ending somewhat open; the reader is left wanting more... just what every good drama needs. I loved it.
Your title had me hooked here, and the story that followed. WOW! I did not see this sort of ending coming, but as I read more, it fit just prefectly, I'm glad they both got up and left the whole mess behind. He's right, divided, nothing really ever does stand up again.
I agree with other commenters -- I want more. What happened before? Why is she a fallen woman? What happens next? This is written very well ... but you've got to give us part two. :)