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Wow, this was great. After introducing the Titanic's last moments, I was so impressed with how you drew parallels between it and the church, and how the church is the boat that gives us passage to heaven.
Please note that (as I understand it), an article such as this should not use contractions such as 'doesn't' (which belong in dialog). I believe 'does not' would work better.
Excellent job of making the connections for us. Definitely gave me much to ponder.
You have taken something tragic and given it meaning...and I hadn't heard of the band playing "Nearer my God to Thee" on the deck of the ship as it went down (Which to me was very touching)... giving us insight into The Church. Very enlightening!
Very creative use of the topic; I enjoyed reading this very much.

There were a number of comma issues, mostly unnecessary commas that sometimes interrupted the flow of the piece.

Now I have that beautiful old hymn in my mind--how nice!
Wow, wonderful controlling metaphor. I loved it.
I read this as a devotional with great allegories. It put me in the mind of Katherine Ann Porter's "Ship of Fools" which, if read deeply, parallels many of the lives and incidents related to what happened to the Titanic and her passengers on that fateful April 14th day.
As a devotional it is encouraging, leaving the reader much to consider.
"And how close am I to a Titanic situation in the waters of my own life." - Brilliant, thank you.
Great comparisons here! This is truly something I have not thought of before. Thank you for sharing this.
This one spoke to my spirit -a caution but not a hammer - encouragement with a gentle nudging, and an inspiring example. Sometimes we don't realize that we are depending too much on what we can see, touch, know, in the material world rather than the invisible God who carries us. Thanks so much for this excellent devotional.
I'd heard this story before, but you gave it new meaning with the words "And how close am I to a Titanic situation in the waters of my own life." Terrific devotional. I'm so glad I read this.