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Is it any wonder the church has so little credibility in the world? We like to convince ourselves that we are being persecuted for Christ's sake—truth is much of the badmouthing we experience, we earned all by ourselves. Good reminder.
Very impactful. I like how you brought history into this and then produced visuals of common neglect that happen today.
There are a lot of "wounded soldiers" out there... this is beautifully written... and a very powerful message. Thank you!
What an analogy! Your battle descriptions are so vivid - and the comparison to how we treat our "soldiers" sobering and convicting. Very strong piece.
This was powerful. The message came through with such clarity, I got goose bumps. The truth hurts, and its the truth. We have such a long way to go... good writing...
The was spectacular. Stops to make one think. Thanks for the abrupt message.
Ouch! So true, and painful to read. You're a fantastic writer.
The opening immediately grabbed me, great attention getter! The story is filled with action, and I like the casual dialog with Gabriel. The present day examples are very convicting, and you end it with a gut-punch. Great writing!
Wow! This looks like the Christian's answer to the series "Heroes". Great idea. The message packs a wallop too. Yes, I've heard it said that the Church is the only army that shoots its own wounded. This is the most creative and powerful way I've seen that message conveyed. Well done.
Goosebumps. A powerful and convicting read with a message I will never forget.
A well written entreaty for compassion and careing or our sick and wonded brothers and sisters. Empathy that is all too commonly found to be grately lacking in our "busy" world. Great way to present this message.
Great message! I was a little confused with the drastic change in scenes until the very end. Your ending is poignant.
This brought tears to my eyes. So very said to see all of this and to realize how true it is.
My only note is one nitpick, instead of telling how he was dressed for summer, mention how he shivered in shorts or a bermuda shirt or something, add a little more detail there, otherwise, pretty good!
I love the examples you use to make the point about the Church. Wonderful writing, and a very powerful message. Good job with the topic.
The truth of this cuts deep. This is very well written, and the message is outstanding. Well done.
Great impact in the ending question. What do we do with the ones who leave, who drift away, who get discouraged? Nothing. What a shame. Your story points out the truth of how we weaken the body of Christ when we cease to care.