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“To see them, you must look through the eyes of faith....."

That was my favorite line in the whole story. I just loved this entry. It's one of my favorites so far this week. Well done!
Now, I LOVE Sean. What a wonderfully deep and intriguing character. And the contrast with the realtor is striking. Good stuff.
Great lesson on walking by faith...The dialogue, tags, etc. were very well done!
This was really well done and very wonderful way of showing the church.
A church builder who builds by faith! Unique story with excellent writing. I was drawn into this man's vision.
I am just a beginner newbie, but I had to comment after reading this! I actually stopped partway through to wonder if I could hear the music if I stopped to listen for a bit. Nice.
I love the mystery of Sean the church builder. Very creative. Good job!
Oooooh! I like this! What a cool character! Really inriguing premise--allegorical, parable-like...and really fun to read.
Lovely, intriguing story. I love seeing the lights and hearing the angels' singing through faith senses.
Loved the whole thing except for the last line. It seems to trail off into nowhere. It might have been better if Jeremy was leaving and looked back one more time to see if the flash that caught the corner of his eye was just his imagination. Very creative take on the topic.
Okay, several things ran through my mind as I read this. One, I was put in mind of "The Bishop's Wife" (one of my favorite movies)as David Niven stuggles with the real reason to build a church. And another, is how some churches built in the most unsuspecting places are the most successful in fullfilling thier true purpose. And finally another, is that I love stories where people step out in faith and do what God has put in their hearts for them to do.
This touched me on a level that is hard to describe, but I will suffice it to say it's inspired! Excellent writing!
This seems like a Christmas story here. I liked this. The thought of hearing 'Angel voices' is just so sweet. I liked how he could see the whole church already and how well grounded he was that he didn't even worry about things like money and whatnot because he knew. This is a beautiful piece!
Looks like the beginning of a made-for-t.v. movie. (I see Randy Travis in the lead role.) I want more of the story. Does the church get built? (Of course it does.) Does the realtor attend? Does he ever hear the singing?

Great job with thet topic.
Loved this for two reasons... first, it thrilled my heart, inspiring me... second, my grandmother built five churches this way. How? God would lead her to buy different properties, against council, that within months someone would buy for huge sums, once to build a hospital, then she'd build the church cash.
You had me all the way to the end which fell a little flat to me. Otherwise loved it! I am curious if their is symbolism to the street names...very unique.
Loved the story. Would love to read the book. The church being built, the future relationship between Sean and Jeremy, how God provides everything. It would be a page churner. The story also reminded me of the prayer meeting a few men had on 20 acres that was “not for sale at any price” that is now where our church sits.
More, more I want more. That was awesome. I could see myself standing right there with them looking over the lot. Great job.