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This is an excellent study of the church, propelled by your dream.
I love this!! Masterfully done.
Interesting dream, and wonderful conclusions drawn from it.
Wonderful, wonderful description and lesson.
"The gates of Hades are drawing closer these days." An answering chord sounded in my spirit precisely. There's a reason why the masters are in Masters. It is the ability of a few to say what others may be thinking (the ordinary thing) in an extraordinary way.
I really enjoyed reading your dream and interpretation of it.
Good entry to start the topic off in Masters. I agree that the Church is headed for trouble when it places programs and buildings above people and God's message of salvation.
This was beautiful. I loved your dream. Especially the stream flowing uphill. Well done.
This is so, so good. You incorporate man's efforts and show how futile they truly are -- man cannot make his own way to heaven no matter how 'good' he is. Your river flowing upstream representing faith in Christ is an EXCELLENT analogy since life in Christ often feels like an upstream challenge. The song you chose to share by Derek Webb is also perfect, especially the last line. Yes, indeed, if we love the Bridegroom, we must also love the Bride! Can't have one without the other since they are "One"! Would that more people understand. Awesome!!!!!! :)
God told me to put my family in a boat and launch it into the stream. It would bring us safely through the fire. Excellent piece! Does the stream flow into the River of Life!? Hopefully you can continue entering the Challenge next year, otherwise, have a blessed, great 2008!
Are you a Joseph that you also interpret dreams so well? Your imagery was masterful and your inference seems to be spot on. You are blessed that God sends you such visions and allows you to share them through your writings.
Amazing. Wonderful imagery and some really profound thoughts.