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Ha,Ha,Ha... funny! Yet, it's sad because it's so true of some people that have too many excuses for not coming to church. I was hoping for a happier ending.
What a character Miss Perkins is! There seem to be a handful of what my aunt would call "noodges" in masters stories this week. Enjoyed this very much.
Expertly written. Enjoyed the read. God bless the Emily's of the world, and their Pastors too;)
God bless.
What I found most endearing about her is her undying hope that she'll have a date one of these nights!

This story made me laugh in several places, and it had its share of zingers, too. Very good.
Ha! Too funny. Great character development - You brought poor, pathetic Emily to life and actually made me feel sorry for her. LOL. Well done.
You captured Emily exactly right, as well as her long-suffering pastor, in this interesting story.
A perfect title for a perfectly busy saint!
Terrific story. I loved the voices and characterizations. Great details allowed me to see the meeting. Sad, but true, you just can't please some people.
This was so cute, funny, and sadly true. Well done.
"Taco night" was my favorite. What a character, I think I might actually have met her somewhere. ;-) Really funny!
Very entertaining, Sheri! Congratulations on this winning entry!
Congratulations on placing with this excellent article.
This was terrific! I couldn't stop smiling. I know there are "real" people like that out there, but to have a sense of humor about them is freeing. Great story and great writing!