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I love this interior monologue - wish you'd had the words to share some of the actual prayers. I also fell in love with Tillie - what a senior saint! Beautiful.
very nice. tillie was so frail and helpless, but ending up being the HELPER in the end:)
I love this. Your MC is perfect. I chuckled hearing her thoughts during the prayer. (The comment about the shoes was priceless.)

I think this situation is very realistic. I know people who don't go to Bible studies because they're afraid they'll have to pray out loud.

You did a great job with the characters and the story.
Common problem—prayer drift, that is. Well done.
I love the name Tillie. Great story. Praying outloud can be intimidating but the comfort of a smaller group can sure help. Very entertaining as well. God bless.
"Precious" is the word that comes to mind, both to describe Tillie and this story. Lovely writing.
This piece is both well written and also filled with hope for many Christians who are terrified to pray in groups. God will use this for great purposes.
Very good story. I really liked Tillie, of course.
I loved Tillie and I also love how you show the struggle some have in praying out loud. Beautifully written!
Well done ... Tillie is indeed a gem--you crafted her personality perfectly! Good message included here and communicated well. Great job! :)
It's so easy to forget how intimidating prayer can be for those who are unaccustomed to it. Thanks for a loevely story of victory coupled with a reminder of the value of an older saint.
What a hoot! I laughed out loud (and related - slightly - hee hee) to poor Tillie. Wonderfully crafted. Nicely done.
I relate so well to the fear of speaking (or praying)out loud in groups. This story felt so real to me, and Tillie is a treasure. Good job!
Just a simple little story told beautifully. I loved Tillie and the genuineness of the narrator.
Hmmm, I think I've been to this Bible study. LOL Loved the story!