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Delightful - I love the "full circle" of this - and the complete change in attitude in the MC. Lovely.
Almost too good to be true...but it does happen. I wish it were more common. Sweet piece.
Enjoyable story. I liked the dialogue and the message.
I like the way you told your story through dialogue. I was a little confused by the references to Gram and Auntie, as to exactly what this woman's relationship was to the kids, but it didn't detract from your portrayal of this encouraging group of teens.
This is my favorite so far because of the positive perspective. Great story.
How sweet! Teens should read this.

There was a smattering of punctuation issues, and I had a hard time establishing a setting for this--had to keep re-adjusting in my head.

But I loved these wonderful young people, and Tibby is a fantastic character.
I like this! I feel like I'm missing something--but the message came through loud and clear. I'm seeing this happen in our church at times and it's wonderful.
This story warmed my heart--all the way through. I've seen many caring teen-agers, unlike how so often they're viewed (and some of them are). Good job.
I liked this tender story, and the detail you included, which gave it realism. I got the feeling that this was set in a rural area, and possibly earlier in the rock era, where and when people might have heated exclusively with firewood. Might this have preceeded the mushrooming of small groups?