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A message we ALL need to hear, I think. Definitely convicted me. The cluelessness of the women was breathtaking to me, but I'm sure it's accurate. A good read.
Wow. This is a real eye-opener. How often are our "prayer concerns" really gossip? You did a good job of showing this in your story.
Oh this is excellent - from title to final sentence. Such a good story built around the proverb and excellent characterization. And realistic too. Don't give up Miss Constance.
Ouch! That hurt. Unfortunately, all to often true. Great job at dealing with an important point.
This is so well done. I loved it. Message given, but not received, in the content of the story, but received in the readers' hearts.
Love those names! :D

I too have experienced the malaise of prayer-circle gossip, even to the point of allusions made to someone within the group. Ouch! :(

Thanks for bringing to light issues we all need to watch for. As always, your characters are lively and authentic.