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This delightful tale is so clever and creative, but still the message creeps up on you.
Good use of familiar characters...and do they have excuses!
Clever and fun - love the title, too! Delightful.
Love it. The format. The characters. The dialogue. The message. Very, very creative. Masterful writing. Great job with the topic.
Tremendously creative.
Gee, I've heard most of these excuses, and none of the home group people are fable characters! Clever, witty, and fun. Love the title.
Hysterical. I so love fairy tale analogies! Excellently portrayed.
Oh, you must have had great fun with this! A very unique spin on this theme and thoroughly enjoyable!
Charming, clever, engaging, entertaining, funny—oh, and well written too! This is SOOOOOOOO good.
Wonderful fun. Thank you. Honestly, this ought to be published as a resource for churches looking to start home groups. It's awesome!!
Ok Jan, that's it. I'm stumped. I have no idea how to comment on this. It's...creative? That word's too wishy washy. Brilliant? Nah, not punchy enough. Excellent? Rather ordinary for this piece. Still thinking....
Cleaver and cute, family friendly, and if you must say it is "silly" then it is masterfully silly. A nice, entertaining vehicle (one you are good at) to deliver your message with. God bless.
Wow, I would have paid to read this! Wonderfully humorous with a message. I loved it!
Excellent! So funny. I could hear myself use some of these excuses -- I refuse to divulge which character I could most identify with:) I just knew this had to be your entry, Jan! Who knew that silly could be so very convicting?!
Creative and skilfully put together. I love the background message too.
Incredible just doesn't describe this. Your imagination just knows no end, does it! Amazing! Simply, amazing! This should be published and provided to churches wanitng to start small groups. Yep ... AMAZING!
You have deserved every "ribbon" you have recieved, and this story will be no exception - incredible.
The ultimate Queen of the Fairy Tales did it again! See? This is exactly why your name is in the EC Top Ten every week (it SEEMS like every week, anyway!) You are a true master of creativity and storytelling. Bravo!
Very entertaining. I'm impressed with how well you develop your characters' personalities in just a few lines of dialogue.
This has Snap, Crackle and a Pop to it--I love it!! Hugs!
Absolutely Charming! I really loved the creativity you used! My daughter will get a kick out of this one! Great job getting a church theme into a fairy tale setting!

How 'wicked' are you? (Cackle, Cackle, Cackle!)
What can I say that no one else has? Nothing. But I can tell you that this is a video I would buy if it were for sell. I could picture it so vividly and was delighted and refreshed at the idea of it.
Heehee...I love Snow White at the end. That's cute! This play on fairy tales was hilarious to read and I loved hearing from all the other characters-like the lady in the shoe-I was hoping to actually see/read Thumbelina, but I guess it was just in the title, otherwise, this was great!
LOL! The reason why the humor works so well is there is truth here -- we all know people like this...and have heard the excuses! It reads like a Christian 'Shrek' type play or video -- I love the idea! hmmmm....what songs would you choose? :)
I wish I thought of this. :D
I've often wondered what the name of that old lady who lived in a shoe, I should have known: Birkenstock. How clever, creative and delightful to read...thanks for the smile and the interlaced reflective messages. Have to admit, some of the excuses I've used myself, the others, I'll just have to remember (like an ant in another fable) for use at another time.
This was adorable! I love the use of these familiar storybook charactors. You have such a wonderful imagination.
So creative and an absolute crack-up, yet also containing a serious message about our willingness to serve.
Delightful way to convict us of our excuses. I loved this and related to the familiar characters.

Interesting take on some familiar excuses. I like the the wet shoe one!
The names were great! As each new character was introduced, I tried to guess his story before too many clues were given.
RED PEN: I think it would have made a better ending to have one offer to host the group that had real reason to not have it there, but wanted to do it anyway... like Old Mother Hubbard. :-)

Thanks for the smile. I needed it today.
This was EXCELLENT! I laughed and laughed -- what a wonderful way to address this subject!