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This was very spiritual. A rather redundant statement, I suspect, considering the topic, but nevertheless that is how it affected me. Twice someone in my family awoke quoting a scripture. It was not a familiar one to her but when she located it in the Old Testament she had quoted it correctly with verse and all. Though we pursued this, we never understood why it was given to her. Perhaps in the future...
I was a teen with a diary -- I remember those days very fondly. Nice job.
God can use our gifts to make us aware of the needs of others. I like the mysterious tone you set for the revelatory dream.
Yes, I love this type of setup. God can and will speak in any way He chooses, and one can only hope that someone hears and believes Him.
It's hard for a young person to stand for Christ in the world. Good writing.
I love the mystery and suspenseful tone of this piece. Great job!
Full of tension and mystery--I like it!

I had to re-read your second sentence a few times to "get" it--a pronoun problem, I think.

She's an exceptional teen, that's for sure!
Your story was interesting from the very start and kept me hurrying to find your conclusion. Good work.
Very good job with the suspense and tension. This kept me captivated.
Wowsers! Welcome to Masters. Excellent job. It was just soooooo good. God bless.