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What a clever way to approach the subject. Great job.
Imaginative lead-in to a "meaty" message! Those clay bowl caps kept me reading! I had to hear the rest of the story and it didn't disappoint! Nice finish~
A novel way to get the message across.
Very creative and fitting to the topic
Caught me right away with the clay bowls! Nailed the topic well in a few words in 'fourth from the bottom' paragraph. Loved it.
I was itching to see what the clay bowls were for. This held my interest, and is also a good reminder that we do need to claim our gifts. Well done.
Each of you has been given gifts to benefit the Body of Christ, to strengthen the Kingdom. God has given each of us gifts as unique as our fingerprints. But we must accept them, develop them, use them, and cherish them. Theyre here at the altar waiting for you. Come now! Fill your empty clay vessels with gifts from the Masters hand.

It just doesn't get a whole lot more poignant than this. Incredible writing and message tucked within.
Very unique and clever story. It's a great illustration of the gifts and paints a vivid picture for the reader of the meaning of the scriptures you included.
Beautifully written parable. I loved it.
This caught my interest right away and held it to the end. Very creative!
Awesome allegory that brought a smile to my face with its absurdity. Really good job with the imagery!
That's exactly how empty you are when you ignore the gifts God's given you! What a fun way to illustrate that! Hugs!
Excellent concept, masterfully delivered. Empty clay bowls on their heads, classic, very creative. You ministered your message expertly. LOve your entries. God bless.
Very creative approach with an excellent message.
oooh, you had me going here. I wanted to know what kind of place had this poor pastor ended up that people were walking around with clay bowls on thier heads. WOW. This was a great message. Good writing!
Whoa, this was a great story. I love the title and the story. You kept rivited to the screen all the way through to conclusion.
Very, VERY clever and creative. Ministered to me, for sure. Good stuff.