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Change is great for bringing new life to our ways. I enjoyed the perspective and the story.
Definitely a unique take on the topic. Love the "bugly" POV and voice.
Smart bug! I love the POV of this insect, and the message you gave through his "eyes". Love the part about the hymn-it's one of my favorites, and I don't think ANYONE in our church band could play it either!
I enjoyed this endearing story! Who would have thought you could learn from a cricket! I love the verse you quoted. Great writing!
Unique, creative and entertaining. Great reader involvement. God bless.
TOO cute! What a nice change of pace! I was greatly entertained with this one...
I love the phrases "covert cricket" and "cacophonous cricket"--superb alliteration. I wonder if it'd be possible to sustain that throughout the piece, to further define the cricket's voice. Regardless, this is a charming story.
I loved your cricket with his wonderful insights.
Your little cricket gave me goosebumps. I loved your story! This was wonderful!
This is really cute -- with a great message. I absolutely love the "chirp chirp" throughout. It made me laugh everytime I came to it. Great job with the voice.
Sharlyn, I came to thank you for taking time in this busy season to leave a comment on my latest article. And, you rewarded me with this touching story from a cricket's point of view (the "Light" in your title caught my attention as a link with my own story). I love the clincher at the end, using the cricket as an example how we "settle" for "enough" when God wants us to have His abundance. Thank you so much, and God bless you with a wonderful Advent-Christmas season.