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I loved this entertaining story. I hope the story's narrator got the preacher. The description of Imogene looking like a banana was my favorite line.
Poor guy! He's only got trouble ahead. I'd love to read the next chapter. Nice job.
A fun read and well written.
What personality these characters have! This was a load of fun, and I loved it. You had me giggling throughout. Wonderful.
I am cracking up! This was an extremely entertaining read to say the least--also well-written and clever from beginning to end. It has also confirmed that I will be throwing out my old yellow jeans from the '80s. :)
Southern popcorn?! Thanks for the warning and the education...okra is THE worst thing the South has ever given to America. (IMHO)
If he has to choose, he should go for the gal whose got the guts to come right out with her agenda-at least life would be lively! Funny and entertaining.
Funny, too, too funny. What a delight to read!
This is hilarious! I liked the two characters and especially the little details like the yellow and purple nail polish to match the outfits and especially the ending speech. Too fun!
What fun! You are so talented. Ya gotta love a name like Imogene! :)
Oh, I love it! He He. This made me chuckle. I want Chapter 2. I want to know how the pastor handles the competition. You seem to know about southern women. Great job.
I'm laughing so hard! I can just picture this. What a hoot! Great writing! :)
Absolutely adorable--reminds me of Jan Karon's stuff. Charming and full of wonderful rural flavor.
This was so much fun to read; I just laughed the whole time. Poor pastor....
Classic Betty. You are at your best here. Clever, fun and delivered masterfully. A real treat. God bless.
Very funny and, strangely, true-to-life. Former Houstonian, Temple
Simply delightful and very believable.
Oh my goodness, this was such a hoot! I loved every line. Now I have another one of your stories that are my favorite! LOL Great writing my friend!
Oh, thank you for the laugh!! I really, really needed one today!
I had a sneaking feeling the narrator just might have an ulterior motive...the snide remarks were just too comical. Great job!
This was so much fun to read. I love the Buy Low and Dress Up -- really cute. For some reason I kept picturing Vickie Lawrence from "Mama's Family" telling this story. That made me laugh even more. Great voice and writing.
H I L A R I O U S !!!
What a fun read!!
I needed that tonight! Thanks for sharing your delightful humor... Angel