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Very creative. A unique take on the topic.
Superb creativity! Enjoyed it. I like reading fresh voices delivering God's words in anointed and unique ways. bravo. God bless.
I'm speechless. Wow. Masterful.
I really enjoyed the science-fiction aspect of this. No matter how far we progress in technology there are just some things it can't do. This is so incredibly creative.
Ouch, the best kind of satire--the kind that bites! As one who has been on the recieving end of some mindless, mechanical "encouragement", I'd say you've nailed this...
The true source of any comfort!
A unique and creative approach to a timeless truth. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for encouragement. The Holy Spirit knows and comes alongside with comfort that is tailor-made for each child individually.
Oh, very good. Excellent approach to the topic with this satire.
I love this approach. We must be careful, as our lives are more and more intertwined with technology, not to become like it ourselves. Nothing will ever be able to replace a living, breathing hug.
Heaven help us if encouragement takes this form someday! Good story.
I have to admit it took a couple of reads of the George Orwellian anecdote to understand it. Your acronym for TEARS helped and at the end, all I could do was whisper to the MC to surrender all, because that is the only way. Hope this isnt too obtuse because I really enjoyed your article
Whoa... this was great. I love your creativity in writing.