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AMEN! I can so relate to this in my current situation. Thank you for sharing...Rest in two forms. Love it!
We're going to need a higher level for writers like this. Excellent job on many levels. Very encouraging. Spot on. God bless.
I like how you tied in the verse and the different meanings of the word rest.
I felt like I was a part of this scene because it was written so skillfully. Tears came down my eyes when she read the letter out loud. Incredibly powerful piece.
Oooh, gorgeous writing! I especially felt the anxiety of almost being late--one of my pet peeves...the title is perfect, the characterization (especially of Sandra) absolutely lovely.
I liked the enter-twining of lives. My favorite part was when you mentioned Sandra had lost her voice to cancer, but she was the one who was the encourager. Encourement isn't always audible. My heart went out to Sandra when she forgot to raise the flag on the mailbox. That was a nice addition to her character development Wonderful entry! I really enjoyed how you told it.
I love your ladies, especially Sandra. What a gem. This is so very well written, too. Kudos.
This is a beautiful story of encouragment. Sandra is inspiring, and her determination to reach out to others is humbling.
Truly we are His hands and feet. Thanks for a beautiful story of encouragement.
Beautiful, Jo! I loved the details you worked in--right down to forgetting to raise the flag and her walker. Excellent! Hugs!!
Very nice story. I like how you intertwined the lives. Great writing.
That's touching...convicting too. We should do more to reach out to those around us.
Shouldn't "Bible" be capitalized? I was taught that words referring to God and His Word are alway capitalized, but recently I've seen less and less of it.
I am not often rendered speechless, but I don't have the vocabulary to comment on such a poignant piece. It is remarkably well-done. Truly!
Beautiful, dear friend! A gifted story from a gifted writer. Love ALL the characters!
Perfect title, perfectly wonderful piece of writing. This is the way the body of Christ is supposed to work. What an excellent story to represent that.
I didn't see the twist coming with Sandra-the touch of a lost voice, but yet with peace, is very reassuring. Great message and great writing! ^_^
Wow! What can I say, but amen to all the above comments. You truly got into the heart and souls of these characters and it was a trip well worth taking.
THis is so touching and uplifting. You brought tears to my eyes. I loved this one.
I love all the little details that make the characters come alive (the laughing, the looking at the watch, signing her name with a flourish...) I also like the way you wrote that Sandra had lost her voice, but didn't lose her ability to communicate. Beautiful message.
A very engaging story of practical encouragement. Loved the scripture too.
Very touching story of encouragement.
This was so very well written and I loved what you wrote here. Well done....