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I really like the format of this -- showing how each players' thoughts and actions work in harmony for one story. Actually, for one moment.

I like the way you took a familiar "encouragement" situation -- cancer scare -- and presented it from a fresh perspective.

Nice job with the topic.
Great approach and a great reminder to even be an encouragement in a "vacuum" — you just never know. Good work.
Great piece. I liked how you told it from three perspectives.

You also selected one of my favorite Bible verses for this story. Thanks for the encouragement.
I love and greatly appreciate creative approaches to presenting God's messages. Super job. God bless.
Love the approach of this - it's amazing what God can use in so many hearts. Love the conversational tone - perfect, and yet so unique for each character. Excellent.
I love the way you did this with 3 voices. I can even see this staged as a drama piece in worship. Very creative and cool approach.
What a beautiful, encouraging story. I especially loved the shifts from character to character, and how the same passage ministered to both mother and daughter.
Love the multiple facets of this! I think this is exactly how the Lord works. The verse is perfect and a good remember for us to be faithful because we don't know who may be encouraged. This is wonderfully created and written. Thanks!
Very creative, and so well told. I like the 3 different points of view.
Well written piece. I enjoyed reading this very creative approach.
This hit me in my spirit tonight. So in line with our walk with God. He really does these little miracles for us. For me tonight it was a single sunflower near the restaurant where we ate. All the other blossoms on the plant were dried husks, but just this one still had on its happy face. And then... your story!
I have been on the recieving end of that horrid 'waiting time' associated with cancer. You captured the emotions beautifully.
The three POVs was great--I loved hearing both sides of Mom and Daughter, and it added a chuckle in the midst of it. Great job. Hugs.
This is wonderful! I would love to read the rest of the story for surely there is more:) I like the intertwining of the characters, even the radio announcer had his say. Great job!
What a unique way to write about this topic. But it's true; the radio can be a really good way to be encouraged. Alone time, music, a voice to prompt your thinking, and God to direct the program. Perfect.
So often we need encouragement and get it from an unexpected source. So often we are prompted to say or do something that we didn't expect to do. God arranges it all. It happened to me just yesterday when the young man who fit me for new glasses leaned over and said, "I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I just get the impression you need to take some time for yourself." What an absolutely wonderful story of how God provides for us and uses us. Excellent!
I liked this. My favorite piece was the daughter's POV. It was so real. I liked the title and how it played out. Very good.
I absolutely love this piece. Those little nudges from the Holy Spirit to do something and we don't know why...and yet out there somewhere, the reason is waiting our obdient prompting. Did I mention I really liked this, loved it in fact!
Fantastic writing here. I just love this story.
Congrats, Jan. Another super entry. God bless.
I like the three perspectives you showed here. Wonderful writing once again.
This article gave encouragement to me as a believer. Sometimes we think we aren't touching many lives with our faith and words, but
(oops)God knows who has been encouraged by our words.
Beautiful story with a great message. I enjoyed the combination of the two views.
HI Jan: Had to read another, wonderful story. If this is true Wow! - Our God is amazing He always send us His Word when we need it the most. Thank you for sharing.
Excellent writing.