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Ouch -- this is very convicting. Loved the voices. Excellent job describing the distinct personalities of the two women. Nice job with the topic.
You did a great job with characterization especially, and with the conversation between your MC and God. Very convicting message.
Very smooth, great pace. The MC is very believable. Nice ending. God bless.
An article that really challenges our own attitudes towards others, well done. I also like the fact that I could not predict in which direction the story was going to go. The conclusion was very satisfying too.
This is so perfect for those of us who "call the kettle black". Your writing is great! I'm going to add a sugar-coated "Love It". :)
It's not an easy thing to admit that other's motives may be pure, when we've already decided they are false. You showed the struggle well.
Oh, I'm just like her, when it comes to people with annoying voices...thanks for showing me an attitude I need to set aside!

Very good writing--I love the gentle way the Spirit talks to her with such love.
I loved your voice in this! It's REAL. Makes me wonder how many blessings I miss out on because I don't obey...The humor you threw in with the squeaky voice is just right. Super!! Hugs!
Love the MC's voice and the message in the piece is fabulous. Plus, the last line is perfect! Great entry on topic.
Boy, God has way of putting us together with just the "wrong" kind of people, doesn't He? He's knows us inside and out, though, so I guess we can concede He can do the job better than we can. Love your story and the characters. It's written with honesty and humor.
Congratulations on your 3rd place EC! It is well-deserved. This piece is painfully real. I'm sure we've all had conversations with ourselves and with God exactly like this one:) Great job! Happy Thanksgiving!
Congratulations, Jan! I love it -especially the last line! Your placements are well-deserved.
This really cracked me up. I can just hear her squeaky voice. Hang in there, Esther. ;-D
I love the authenticity and gut honesty in this piece. God used you to show others how to deal with the people that annoy us in the body of Christ. Your acknowledgment is well deserved! :)