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This story is such a good reminder that we're to live our Christian lives with the real love of God for everyone.
This is such an excellent story - it really hits home. I liked the "soul brother's" interest, it was there all just waiting for the right witness to come along. The other striking part is how quickly we Christians can mess up an opportunity. But as shown in the notes, God always has a back-up plan. So very well written, right amount of conversation. The character's personalities really came through in this piece. Great writing!
Sad, but too often true. Well done.
I like the structure you chose with this story. It was very effective, because in the beginning I was identifying with Ben--proud to associate myself with him. By the end, though, I wanted to separate myself from him, yet left with the looming question: Do I walk my talk?

Incredible job writing an everyday story with a twist of powerful conviction in the end.
Very good. A little slow to develope, but once your ministry line was unleashed it delivered a powerful punch. Extremely effective. God bless.
Oh yes, I really liked the title :)
Aha! Great way to convey to the reader how important it is to do more than talk the talk. Well done! :)
Yes! We have to be good examples. Thanks for this powerful reminder. Well done.
This has a great message! It's well-written and I love your title!
Yikes! You really "got" me with the twist--I was totally not expecting something like that! Excellent writing! Thanks for the author's note, that really seals it well.
This is a very well-written story but also very sad. It only takes one person to taint the truth. I'm so glad your husband finally found someone he could relate to. I'm sure you're very glad, too:) Great story, very unexpected ending.
Yup. Showing is better and stronger than telling!! This one packed a punch--and that's good. Hugs!
Great story, but so sad for the "first" Christian. Boy, we have to be sure we match the message of Jesus. I like the footnote, too.
What a twist! Thanks for putting in the author's note at the end. Good, jolting reminder about actions matching words.
Great story, that twist took me by surprise. Really was not expecting the guy doing the witnessing to be racist. So important to practice what we preach.
This really struck a note for me. The last year our church has gone through an awful time with those claiming they love Jesus and are praying, and yet Jesus is impossible to see in them in their slanderous and cruel words and actions.
The title drew me in, the writing was a little stiff, the proper names were repeated to often. The content was good. The footnote was the highlight of the whole story, gave the message the punch it needed.
Unfortunately, too many are like your husbands' roommate. They 'talk the talk' but their lives are not Christ-inspired.

A truthful, inspired story that is well-written!