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This is a really good story for evangelism. I love the analogy of the sweetgum balls, although I must admit I wasn't crazy about them when I stepped on them in the yard.
I really liked how you made the characters come alive in this story. Well done!
I like your use of dialect, not easy to do. Well done.
Great work with the dialect. Never heard of sweet gum balls--it's a new one for me. But you told the parable the way Jesus would have, taking something familiar and making the plan of salvation so very understandable. Great job! :)
Masterful story telling! Loved it all. Great effort. God bless.
Your title is perfect, and I love the way you tied it into the end. Perfect on topic and very well-written, too!
You have such a gift for writing with a rustic touch! Every bit of dialogue sounds natural and real.
This is great! I could see the dust and hear them talking. The dialect fit and flowed perfectly and the lesson was great. Super job!! :-) Hugs!
I loved your dialogue and dialect. I could just picture Mama, Billy and Jake. Great job.
Very natural voices in the characters and a good illustration of the gospel. Truly original characters, too.
What a wonderfully creative and beautifully woven story. Perfect for the topic of Evangelism. Great characters. The dialogue is realistic yet easy to read. Absolutely excellent.
Sweet story (I mean that in a good way). You've captured a LOT of personality in this. Beautiful writing!
This was excellent....kept me reading to the end. I love how you brought about the gospel presentation.
Nice story! I liked the story with the sweetgum seeds. I especially liked the relationship between Jake and his Mom. It was neat that his mother could so easily tell Billy about Christ. Awesome writing! ^_^